R.C. Pro-Am

a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Racing

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You may not consider radio-controlled car racing a sport, but there are a lot of gamers out there who'll disagree with you! A surprise Number Ten winner in our top ten survey was this classic game from Nintendo -- featuring radio-controlled car racing where anything can and does happen.

As you step up to the starting line your NES controller becomes your R.C. controller and in a flash you're maneuvering around the track at top speeds. In each race you fight with three other cars for the number one spot. The action features 48 different races on 24 tracks.

The tracks are packed with curves and straight-aways. Nasty hazards you'll run into include pesky rain squalls, oil slicks that make the track slippery, barriers that pop up to smash your car, skulls who steal your ammo, and mud puddles that really bog you down.

To make it past all of these obstacles you'll have to grab special Tune-Up items you'll find along the tracks. These enable you to power-up your cars with speed, souped up engines, super tires, and other goodies. If you're good enough, you'll even find yourself controlling a powerful 4-Wheeler or an Off-Road vehicle. And you thought radio-controlled cars were just for kids!

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