The Revenge of Shinobi

a game by Sega

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

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The Revenge of Shinobi

  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Avg. - Hard
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: January '90


Out of the darkness there comes a sound of thunder and a flash of light. All you can see is a cloaked figure and eyes filled with the spirit of revenge. It's Shinobi and he's back with a 16-Bit vengeance!

This is the Genesis cart hardcore Sega fans have been waiting for. Revenge of Shinobi keeps most of the play themes popularized in the original, while adding a few new enhancements that improve the game play dramatically.

Revenge of Shinobi has some of the most impressive graphics ever seen in a home video game. Highly realistic separate scrolling fields of background and foreground animation generate an awesome 3-D effect. Accurately detailed enemies and huge animated Bosses add to the excitement (wait until you see the huge fire breathing dinosaur at the end of stage seven and you'll know exactly what we mean)!

The music and sound effects are equally impressive and set the mood for each stage.

Revenge consists of eight stages each containing three areas, the last one holding the Boss guardian. The Bosses are challenging, but not overly difficult. The biggest challenge is the mind-boggling labyrinth of revolving doors in level 8-2. You must proceed through the correct doors (there are up to 20 in some of the rooms) and move from room to room to escape the maze of dangers.

Revenge of Shinobi is without a doubt one of the best Genesis games to appear so far (if not THE best). It combines the perfect blend of graphics detail, sound quality, and game play to create a video game experience unlike any you have ever seen before!

Master Ninja Magic

  • IKAZUCHI Magic - Become invincible for a short period of time.
  • KARIU Magic - Emmits powerful columns of fire in all directions.
  • FUSHIN Magic - Introduces several shadows which increase your attack.
  • HIJIN Magic - Shinobi explodes his spirit to damage everything that is hit!


Some of the most impressive graphics throughout Revenge of Shinobi come at the Boss encounters, where Shinobi must wage war against armored Samurai or thirty foot dinosaurs! It is in these battles that your true martial arts talents are put to the test!

Since the Genesis is capable of handling large characters, animated graphics like these are not as difficult to produce as they would be on a Nintendo. Without a doubt, these are some of the best graphics we've ever seen!

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The Revenge of Shinobi Downloads

Sega Genesis The Revenge of Shinobi download
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Genesis

5 joysticks

If you're having a tough lime keeping enough shurikens in your inventory, struggle no more. Georgie Berrios of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has discovered a way to get unlimited shurikins. If you go to the options screen and put a zero in the shurikins column, then wait 15 seconds or so, the zero will turn to an infinity ( ) symbol. During play, your on-screen shuriken count will remain 999. Great tip, Georgie!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Sega

With your samurai sword and the help of the shuriken, you face the dreaded Neo Zeed. Fighting your way through high-rise elevators, across factory conveyor belts, and atop a speeding Bullet Train, you avenge the death of your ninja teacher.

reggie posted a review

The fair Princess Terri has been captured by a clan of ninjas led by the vicious Lougi! You must brave their fearsome fortress, the Castle of Evil, to save her. You are armed with a few flash grenades, a katana and a grappling line - not to mention lightning quick ninja skills. Your name is Aki and you've vowed to save the young girl at any cost.

Revenge of the Ninja is a cinematic game for the Sega CD, and its game play is similar to that of Time Gal. You play the game by pressing the control pad wherever the arrows tell you to go. Sometimes you must use your weapons. If you mess up even one movement, you'll be sent to your untimely end!

Are you good enough to survive the many dangers that are found within the massive fortress?

Overall, fans of this sort of game should like it. The animation is smooth, and the action is funny yet intense. The graphics are good, and Renovation has done a good job in keeping the colors in, even with the limitations.

Revenge the Ninja is a top-notch Sega CD game.

reggie posted a review
  • Levels: 24
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Average

The ever-popular character Joe Mushai makes a return appearance. This time, the Neo-Zeed empire is taking control of the metropolis. Destroy them before they eliminate your girl!

reggie posted a review

Revenge of Shinobi also know as "The Super Shinobi" - Japanese Title.

In Revenge of Shinobi, once again you are Shinobi, but this time you're out not to free hostages, but to gain your revenge.

All you have to do is go around killing people with "shurikins", or throwing knives. You can also get power pack upgrades. Once you touch it, your knives turn into fire and you have a ninja sword.

The sequel to Shinobi, the Master System (as well as arcade) mega-hit, The Revenge of Shinobi has the expected graphical upgrades, such as better detail, more elaborate backgrounds, and a number of nice effects, including running waterfalls and blowing leaves.

The bad guys are faster and smarter this time around but, thankfully, the action remains essentially the same: walk, jump, stab, or throw shurikens at evil ninjas and other enemies, and dodge bombs, machine gun fire, attack dogs, and other obstacles. New forms of magic include Ikazuchi, The Art of Thunder and Mijin, the Art of Pulverizing, and there are eight all-new levels of play in such varying locales as Japan, Detroit, and a military base. Regrettably, the shooting gallery-type bonus rounds are absent, and there are fewer weapons to use. The blind jumps in level two are also an annoyance.

Revenge of Shinobi is a fantastic, super challenging sequel that fans of the original game will love. There's even a cameo appearance by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

You have to do 3 rounds per zone, kick the butt of a boss and hey presto! You're done on that zone.

Revenge of Shinobi features:

  • Use the power of Ninjitsu to augment your abilities or destroy your enemies.
  • Use both long range shurikens or up close attacks.
  • Cameos by Godzilla and Spiderman.
reggie posted a review

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