Rise of the Robots

a game by Mirage Technologies (Multimedia) Ltd., and Probe Software

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNESGameGear

Genres: Action, Fighting Games

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Rise of the Robots is a robot fighting game that's punching its way from the PC to several game platforms, including SNES, Genesis, and Game Gear. The GG version is first on the scene, but something's lost in this translation.

Heavy-Metal Combat

In this one-on-on fighter you're out to stop the new polymorphic Supervisor of Electrocorp. the planet's major manufacturer of military and industrial robots, as she reprograms robot workers for destruction. You battle five mean robot fighters on your way to the ultimate challenge with the Supervisor.

From the first glance, you can see that ROTR s graphics are very basic. The only visual highlights are slick cinemas before and after fights. They're a nice touch, but that memory should have been used to create smoother animation for the main fighting action.

The robots' movements are extremely choppy. In fact, the action's so choppy that it's hard to block moves because they happen so quickly.

As far as the sounds go, if you're into self-torching, this game is perfect for you. The music is bad, but the good news is that it can be switched off.

Hello, Control

Crippling control is this game's big downfall. This weakness relates directly to the choppy robot movement, which never really lets you feel like you're part of the action. Moreover, the moves are too basic and have little excitement to them.

The imprecise game play hamstrings the fighting. Your jumps are short - so short that you can't even do basic stuff like leap over your opponent. Fighting the entire game from one side is just plain boring. Blocking is also a downer: When you block, it seems that you lose as much energy as when you don't block at all!

The one cool feature in the game is the combat training mode. You can choose any of the five main robots and hone your moves for combat.

Fall of the Robots

ROTR may keep you satisfied if you don't own any other games and you're into extremely basic video fighting. The bad control, weak game play, and choppy animation infest this cart from start to finish. Robot's more than a little rusty.


  • Don't block too long. You lose too much energy.
  • Avoid being cornered. If you are, push out with your shoulder move.
  • Use the combat training mode to practice against the robot you want to fight.
  • When an opponent jumps toward at you, meet them with your shoulder move to knock them off balance.
  • Vary your attack patterns to confuse some of the harder robots.

Rise of the Robots Downloads

Sega Genesis Rise of the Robots download

Last month you might have seen the Super NES version of this same game. Well, now there's a portable version on the Game Gear.

Robots have gone haywire, and you must face them all. If you can, use your metallic fists and feet to smash them into the ground. It will take fast fingers if you are to survive the five troublesome mechanoids.

If you need a good fighting game for the Game Gear, Rise of the Robots might satisfy your desire for carnage. Rise of the Robots looks pretty good, so check it out.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Acclaim
  • Machine: SNES

Yow! These robots lank really great! I mean, these babies look like they could step right off the screen. And these backgrounds - it looks like you're right there. Huh? you mean this is a game? I thought it was a screen saver. This is a clunker.

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: Game Gear.
  • Manufacturer: by Mirage. publisher Time Warner Interactive.

This is probably one of the more disappointing titles of the last year. After being hyped to the skies, mostly for its rendered look, the final game falls short in lots of different categories, including animation and control.

But if the SNES version didn't live up to its potential, the Game Gear version is the pits. Trying to keep up with what little action there is (there seems to be less than four frames of animation per move) on a tiny four inch screen is enough to induce migraines. Stay away.

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: SNES.
  • Manufacturer: by Mirage. publisher Acclaim.

Humans aren't the only ones who get a little power hungry. In an effort to streamline operations, Electrocorp turned over the reins of its massive Metropolis Four plant to its highly developed robots. The Supervisor Droid has been successfully managing the day-to-day operations until the EGO virus infected it and now the Supervisor is putting its own goals ahead of its assigned daily tasks.

The Supervisor has infected the other plant droids with the EGO virus and reprogrammed Metropolis Four's security defenses to create one heck of a potential loss for Electrocorp. But the company has a secret cyborg up its sleeve and hopes that it can remove the rebellious robots and avoid further destruction of company property. Gee, all this grief for one measly factory? What a prime example of the corporate mindset.

As a game that was originally designed for PC, Rise of the Robots offers impressive graphics and a solid soundtrack. But the old phrase 'never judge a book by its cover' applies here, since there is not much beyond visual appeal to hold your interest.


  1. The Loader Droid is heavy and strong. Fortunately, it's short on intelligence.
  2. A powerful upper body contributes to the BHF03 Builder Droid's ape-like appearance.
  3. The Crusher Droid - programmed to destroy malfunctioning droids - is a trained killer.
  4. Overcome the size and speed of the Sentry to get to the Supervisor Droid behind the problem.
  5. Designed for combat, the Military Droid combines heavy armor and high intelligence.
  6. As the EC035-2 Cyborg, you're trying to be the hero of this story.
reggie posted a review

If you're wondering why the 16-bit market may be dying, just play Rise of the Robots. This has to be one of the most unappealing fighting games ever made for the SNES.

ProTip: Use the mission briefing to find out the fighters' strong and weak points.

The graphics are average at best, with dark, bland colors for both the backgrounds and combatants. It's the fall of the robots.

The sounds are as lifeless as the characters you play. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

The control is extremely weak and choppy for both the fighters' movement and their fighting techniques. It's a real struggle to do anything tactical.

All the elements that make fighting games enjoyable are absent from ROTR. Someone unplug these robots -- please.

reggie posted a review

You are a cyborg handyman in the far away future sent to a huge corporation where an evil AI has taken control of the companies robots. You are charged with facing these robots in combat and eliminating them one by one to reach the core and deactivate the AI.

Rise of the Robots is a futuristic Street Fighter 2 clone featuring battling robots. Includes a story mode for anyone who cares. Gameplay wise this is a standard beat-em-up with gorgeous graphics. It has some annoying limitations like not being able to jump over your enemy and only one fire button.

Beware of the Rise of the Robots!!!

reggie posted a review

Rise of the Robots is noted as one of the least successful and most critically maligned fighters of all time, that was developed by Mirage Media and released by Time Warner Interactive in 1994 and ported to numerous other game systems. Despite featuring incredible graphics for the time, it suffered from myriad crippling gameplay problems.

reggie posted a review
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