Risky Woods

a game by Electronic Arts

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

At first glance, Risky Woods looks like Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, right down to its weapons, armor, and game map. Even the side-scrolling action is similar. Although this action/adventure game isn't as long or complex as G 'n' G, it's a lot of fun to play.

Save the Monks

As the young warrior, Rohan, you must save a monastery of Monks who have been turned to stone. You battle across eight stages of nonstop combat. To clear each time-limited stage, you must rescue a certain number of Monks, collect Keys, and pass the Gate Keepers by using your control pad to repeat the melodies they play.

This game is tough until you master the power-ups and the weapons. You fight a horde of evil nasties, including Guardian end bosses. Defeated goons drop Armor Links, which you collect to score better armor. You also find Treasure Chests full of power-ups. The controls are straightforward, although Rohan's a bit hard to guide when he jumps.


  • There's plenty of time to clear Stage 1. Stock up on Links to get the Silver Armor.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of grabbing power-ups. Skulls sap life and Apples put you to sleep. Always grab the Hour Glass, though. You can never have too much time.

Really cool tunes and crisp sound effects serve as great support for the bright, clear graphics. Although the backgrounds aren't animated, the creatures are creatively drawn and the weapons are nicely detailed.

The Axe is a good weapon for Stages 4 and 5. You can loft its blade on top of the needle-toothed monster's head.

Risk Free

Although not entirely original, Risky Woods is still more than satisfying. It's just too short! Take a walk with Risky Woods it's not risky at all!

Max out the Knife's power before you face the first Guardian. When you enter the cave, run right and hit the Guardian as rapidly as possible. Dodge his fireballs as he forces you left When your back is against the wall, run under the Guardian's fire and push him back to the right Repeat this procedure until you beat him.

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Risky Woods Downloads

Sega Genesis Risky Woods download

Enter a fantasy world of wonderful magic and horrendous monsters. You are a heroic warrior trying to free the land from the grip of evil. Armed with weapons of steel and fire, go forth and free the trapped saints who are imprisoned in stone.

You must traverse a wide variety of backdrops while finding many power-ups in this perilous cart.

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