Road Riot 4WD

a game by Equilibrium

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Racing

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Take a spin in your own personal 4WD (four wheel drive) super-powered dune buggy. Unlike Atari's other "reality-based" driving games such as Final Lap and Hard Drivin', Road Riot 4WD is a rock 'em, sock 'em, no-holds barred 1 -- or 2-player racer! Sit before a large 29-inch screen, foot poised on the gas pedal, hands firmly gripping the steering wheel, and your fingers poised on the firing buttons. Firing buttons? In a driving game? Correct, the only objective of Road Riot 4WD is to win any way you can!

Take the field in one of over a dozen bumpy, obstacle-filled dirt courses situated throughout the world, including Saudi Arabia, Australia, Las Vegas, and even New Jersey! On each course, you must be the first across the finish line in three laps, or you're outta the race! Anything goes, so smash into your opponents, or shoot them with your unlimited supply of stun bullets.

The graphics are hot! You have a first person perspective behind your 4WD and the sprites are all large and well-rendered. Digitized images and voices of real buggies, racers, and spectators round out this game. Road Riot isn't for Sunday drivers. Your computer opponents are very hard to beat, almost impossible in the upper levels. Road Riot 4WD is hell on wheels!

ProTip: There are no brakes; ease off the gas long before you go into hairpin turns!

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Road Riot is the current king of off-road coin-op racers, and Genesis is next on its speed-demon agenda. Photos are top-secret in Tengen's lab, but if the arcade experience is any indication, expect some high-speeds, rump thumping thrills through hazardous tracks of chassis-grinding driving.

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