Robotech: The Macross Saga

a game by TDK Mediactive

Platform: GBA

Genre: Action

OK, I'll admit it. Even a die-hard robot fan like myself is starting to over indulge. I have played practically every robot game that has come out this season and can now die a happy man. But' what's this? Another mech game that slipped in under my radar and scores a significant hit. Not wanting to be left in the dust, the Game Boy Advance gets a decent transforming robot game that may be just a bit too hard for its own good.

Robotech: Macross Saga features clean graphics with fairly comfortable controls. Players can pick one of five initial pilot characters and try to run the gamut of mech action. The pleasant surprise is that each pilot has very distinct attributes and if you complete the game as one character, it will unlock one of the several hidden characters that the game features.

If there is one real complaint, it's that this game is pretty difficult, even right out of the gate. I found myself literally neck deep in action on the very first level and truth be told, had to try many, many times to beat the very first sequence. The slightly smaller and almost forgivable complaint is that the game does bog down when every bad guy in the universe shows up and starts shooting rockets at you. Yeah, I know, that happens in practically every game when a bunch of action is happening on the screen, but my point is that this game is plenty challenging without a million bad guys coming at you.

Action and shooter fans take note: with clean graphics, plenty of replayability and a nifty little multiplayer mode, this title is something you'll want to pick up.

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