Rolling Thunder

a game by Tengen

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

  • Type: Action
  • Levels of Play: 20
  • Difficulty: Hard

The arcade hit Rolling Thunder is finally here for the NES! All of the features from the coin-op are here, including dual levels of play, different weapons, and multiple levels of shoot-em-out adventure!

As in most action games, you're constantly moving toward the right, blasting anything that gets in your way. A wide variety of different guards will try to stop your progress, and they become increasingly difficult as you approach the final confrontation with the Big Boss who holds your girl captive.

People say:


Rolling Thunder is a tough game, but it's not so difficult that it becomes frustrating. Since most of the enemy characters appear in the same location, it's essentially a pattern game, but the super graphics and strong game play make this one of my favorites in the genre.


Very addicting side-scrolling shoot-em-up that is also a very difficult game. Normally, difficult games mean frustration, but Rolling Thunder doesn't give that impression. A limited number of continues requires a lot of practice, but a passcode feature helps. Limited graphics and good game play.


This is an O.K. scrolling action game that has nothing spectacular, except for plenty of challenge - even for the most seasoned players. Not a lot of depth either, but you don't have to be a fan of the arcade version to appreciate this translation.


This is a cool action game that some may find to be way too hard for their liking. The upper levels are very intense, but the action is coupled with some great graphics and play techniques. The passcode is a must for this cart, which should entertain gamers who blast through similar games in a day.

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You're the slickest secret agent since James Bond himself! Now you must infiltrate a terrorist organization and rescue your partner - alone! Great arcade action brings you all the looks and feel of the coin-op classic.

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Go into the game and press START to pause the game play. Now press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A, and then START. You will hear music and you will then fade into the next level. You can keep doing this in every level until you get to the end of the game!

reggie posted a review

Here's a new three dimensional role playing game from Kemco Seika. Based on the popular computer title, this translation has great first person scrolling and better graphics. Hours of involving game play.

reggie posted a review
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