Samurai Spirits

a game by SNK

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisGameBoy

Genres: Fighting Games, Multiplayer/Hotseat

See also: Samurai Games

If you can't wait for the 16-Bit version to reach the shops, check out this version of Shodown. Despite being designed for the Game Boy, all the characters from the monster huge Neo cart are represented, even though they are given the munchkin treatment. Better still, by using the Super Game Boy adapter, you can play this in color on TV. Of course the colors are limited, but it's better than the old spinach green GB colors. Two people can play this without needing two games! This one is really hot.

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Samurai Spirits Downloads

Sega Genesis Samurai Spirits download
  • Manufacturer: Takara of Japan
  • Machine: GameBoy
  • Theme: Fighting
  • Release: Summer 1994

Awesome! It's Shodown for the GameBoy! Takara will be bringing this Neo sword fighter out as a companion game for GB's Fatal Fury 2. Despite losing over 100-Meg, none of the characters have been sacrificed, so all you Nakoruru fans can breathe easy. All the moves of the characters have been recreated, although some fancy finger work will be required because of the shortage of buttons. A dream come true for those of you who need your SNK fix wherever you go.

reggie posted a review

This game is just the chinese version of Samurai shodown.It has no extra features as compared to its english version

vinx_619 posted a review
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