Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak

a game by Hi-Tech

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Puzzles & Words

See also: Sesame Street Games

Big Bird's got something special in store for all you little ones out there, and he's itchin' to talk about it in Big Bird's Hide and Speak. In the first real talking NES game, Big Bird helps you practice your reading, spelling, and memory skills. Some of your other favorite pals such as Grover and Bert join in on the fun and games too. What kind of games? Well, there's How Many Words, a challenging game where you must create as many words as you possibly can with just one group of letters. If you prefer a little mystery there's also Muppet Hide and Seek, a game that tests your memory by having you remember which window, out of several, the Muppets are hiding behind. You're in very good company with this loveable crew who loves to make learning-time seem more like playtime.

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