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Genre: Platformer


When Natsume's ace programmers load their guns for a Nintendo action title, it's generally accepted that our collective thumbs will wind up in a sling. Hot on the heels of Shadow of the Ninja and S.C.A.T., Shatterhand (to be released under the Jaleco label) promises some of the finest free-for-all fisticuffs ever!

A Tale of Two Cyborgs

If you think police officers are up against the wall now, wait 'til you meet the new breed of criminal in the year 2030. It's not drug dealers, not organized crime, not even S&L executives... worse yet, it's cyborgs, all under the command of one nasty man/machine monster, Genera! Gus Grover. The Law Order Regulatory Division (L.O.R.D.) has only one alternative to total decimation: fight fire with fire. Lawman Steve Hermann accepts the assignment, and he's implanted with a pair of cybernetic hands, strong enough to rend metal and crush the opposition. His new code name: Shatterhand.

Bloody Knuckles

As you've probably guessed, Shatterhand can duke it out unlike any human street fighter, but that's not all. He really puts on a show when he collects three alpha and/or beta letters he finds hanging around and makes friends with a pet robot. The satellite unit hovers by his side and fires on command -- definitely this man's best friend! Depending on the combination of letters, one of eight satellites appears, each with their own brand of blazing lasers. Hermann goes from a heat wave to an inferno when he forms the same robot twice in a row and gains invincibility.


  • Punch the letters and they'll change. Alpha-beta-beta (Ricobot) or beta-alpha-alpha (Yoyobot) are good selections in most circumstances.
  • Overhand blows are stronger than regular jabs. Hold down Left or Right to use one. In addition to the robots, Hermann can also pick up cash from trunks to buy power-ups. To purchase a booster, all he has to do is duck down on the appropriate platform.
  • Don't hit a chest twice or you may accidentally trigger a grenade.

Lethal Levels

There are seven stages of metallic mayhem in Shatterhand, but the middle five you can take on in any order. The multi-scrolling scenery is sizzling, but the music is maddening. Every inch is a fight for your life, every boss robot is murder; so be thankful that continues are limitless.

  • In the submarine, wait. The water sprays shut off momentarily.
  • Rip one Pogoborg (the Area B boss) and the other's also history. Then, when the snake appears, just punch each body segment until it explodes.
  • To beat Cyborgape (the Area C boss), first draw him up the wall by climbing the fence. Then return to the ground and charge before he tosses a shower of blades.
  • Strike quickly against Gravitus (the Area D boss). When he summons a ring of energy, retreat to give yourself dodging room, and then move back in and blast away.

There's No Hand like Shatterhand

Shattertiand's rock 'em, sock 'em action leaves all those other NES slug-it-out games in a crippled heap. Take yourself to the brink once again and try your hand at Shattertiand.

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Shatterhand takes you on an action packed solo journey through a technological nightmare. You play Shatterhand, a man endowed with a specialized pair of cybernetic hands. A group of scientists gone mad intend to use the same cybernetic technology for world domination. You must stop them. You handle eight levels, five of which can be played in any order. Your task is to seek out and destroy an army of robots. To supplement your super-hand strength, you can uncover and collect twelve Greek symbols. Collect the symbols in certain groups of three and they produce satellite robots, which brandish fire power in the form of Sonic Maces, Beam Swords, and more. It's you and your cyber-shadow against the world.

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