Silver Surfer

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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

Silver Surfer
  • Machine: Nintendo

The Silver Surfer is one of Marvel Comics' most powerful characters. He was endowed with "the Power Cosmic" by Galactus, whose hunger for energy consumes entire worlds. When Galactus threatened to consume Earth - which reminded the Surfer of his own home planet, Zenn-La - the Surfer rebelled, and Galactus banished him from the universe.

In Arcadia's new Nintendo game, the Silver Surfer has been called back by Galactus. The universe is threatened from beyond by the Magic Warriors, who want to assemble the six pieces of the Cosmic Device and break down the barrier between our universe and theirs. Only the Silver Surfer can recover the pieces first and defeat the Magic Warriors.

Each of the game's five worlds represents the domain of one of the Silver Surfer's enemies, and they can be played in any order. At the end of each world, you defeat a boss to retrieve one piece of the Cosmic Device. After defeating all five bosses, you are ready to venture into the Magic Domain, retrieve the sixth piece, and overcome the forces of darkness.

From time to time you can increase your firepower by collecting various items, including orbs which fly alongside you and fire simultaneously. You can choose whether the orbs will shoot forward, backward, or sideways. You can also collect power-ups to boost your shots and smart bombs which destroy everything on the screen.

The Silver Surfer's graphics are well above par for a shooter. The opening sequence is nicely done, and although the screen gets pretty crowded during play, it almost never flickers. The music is also surprisingly good.

The game's only major problem is that it doesn't really make much use of the Silver Surfer's character. Although in the comics he has enough power to change the course of stars and planets, in the game he's reduced to throwing little balls of energy that often require multiple hits to work. You could, in fact, replace him with almost any other character without affecting the game play.

But this is a complaint only fans of the comics might make. Overall, The Silver Surfer is a well-made, challenging shooter.

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Comic book fans everywhere know the heartbreaking tale of the Silver Surfer, the star-crossed Marvel Comics hero cursed by the heartless, god-like Galactus to wander the universe alone on his super surfboard. Arcadia Systems' Silver Surfer may doom NES shoot-em-up lovers to a similarly bleak fate.

A Challenge of Cosmic Proportions

In this outrageously intense shooter, the Surfer must seek out six pieces of an in-terdimensional "Device" that will open the universe to the vile hordes from the Magik Domain. His quest takes him through six murderous levels, five of which are guarded by his most fearsome enemies -- Reptyl, Mephisto, the Possessor, the Emperor, and Firelord. Each level has three stages -- either two horizontally scrolling sideview and one vertically-scrolling overhead view, or vice versa.

Silver Surfer is a NES marksman's nightmare! The Surfer cruises on his cosmic board and kind of bowls power blasts at his enemies. You'll battle seemingly endless waves of tanks, monsters, mutants, ghosts, bats, and robots. Opponents always attack in groups, most take several hits to destroy, and none of them are slow. Robo-guns and traps are everywhere. And be careful not to crash into the scenery.

ProTip: In addition to creatures and the mobile machines, you can destroy ANY stationary weapon that shoots at you.

This game is easily one of the toughest shooters around, but at least the graphics are great and the sounds really cook. Use slow mo, turbo fire, prayer, or anything else you've got! It's all recommended. Oh yeah, set aside a few weeks to play. There are passwords, but not all the stages give you one.

  • If your blasts can't penetrate an obstacle, you can't fly through it.

  • There's a 1-Up out in the open in the middle of the Emperor's level. Good luck!

Space Case

Beware: this game can seriously dampen your spirits. No kidding, beginners and the mentally unstable should hunt elsewhere for NES thrills. To beat Silver Surfer, you probably have to be an outer space being yourself!

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