Simcity 2000

a game by THQ, and Maxis

Platforms: PlaystationSNESSNES

Genre: Simulation

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The PC city simulation that no one thought was possible for a 16-Bit game system has been successfully ported over by Imagineer and HAL Laboratory. The system interface has been significantly altered and fixed at the bottom of the screen for easier interactivity. Apart from that, every other aspect is nearly intact!

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People say:


I played this one originally on the PC so the Image I had was one of best graphics and easy-to-use mouse control. The PlayStation version Is still hires and has the mouse control that I truly enjoy. The Interlace Is big and kind of clunky which Is annoying but not terrible. I would say using the control pad Instead of the mouse would be very frustrating. There are a variety of different cities to load up and build from-or dactyl Usually games like this are difficult to get Into on a home system, but SlmCIty 2000 on the PlayStation Is not that way at all. It's nice to see games like this finally taking advantage of the mouse.


I love being able to build anything I want, where I want. SC2000 lets you feel the headaches of running a small town or a bustling metropolis. Being able to custom-design your city has a certain appeal to It can place highways, zoos, bus depots, or prisons anywhere you want. This Is Easily Maxis' best Sim title. It doesn't score higher because It's hindered by a lack of a better resolution. SC2000 Is too graphically detailed to look at on a television. The Interface Is clunky too. The menus are hard to navigate; a PlayStation mouse helps out a bit. It was also difficult to scroll around the map quickly. Great game, bad version.


This port of the PC classic Is half-game and half-civics lesson. But just because the game Is educational doesn't mean It's boring. Sim City grabs your attention the second you start setting up your city. You can spend days tinkering with your metroplexes, so the game never really gets old. The tons of play options and numerous mission modes also add life to the title. The graphics are adequate, but the music gets old--It sounds like It's from the film Weekend at Bemle's. Manipulating the menus Is a bit hard with the joypad, so the mouse Is strongly recommended. In fact, this game Is the best reason to buy the PlayStation Mouse.


I remember playing SimClty on the Super NES for hours on end. This updated version for the PlayStation gives players a chance to build not only on to the ground but down under it as well. I was hoping for an Interface similar to the PC version but what was Included Instead was a childish menu bar similar to the Saturn version. The game features plenty of controlling options for you as Die mayor to take charge of, such as balancing a budget and fighting increasing pollution. SC2000 has It all. The only thing this game needs is the all-out money trick so players can build to their heart's content.

reggie posted a review

Straight from the PC comes SC 2000, which lets you build your own working city. You design the roads, place the houses and start industries. You have to balance your resources out and plan carefully if you're going to keep everyone happy. Not only do you have to worry about supplying everyone with electricity and water, but you must make sure they can reach their jobs and homes as well. SimCity 2000 never gets old because there are so many different types of cities to construct. Sim-City 2000 is a megalomaniac's dream. Where else can you control an entire city whose blueprints come from your mind?

  • THEME - Simulation
reggie posted a review

The highly complex, urban development soft is coming to 16-Bit courtesy of HAL Laboratory. The interface has been altered from the original PC version. No need to worry, though! The basic elements of the award-winning sim have not been altered. Imagineer also promises the addition of new features that are exclusive to the SFC version!

reggie posted a review

Ill-advised console conversion of the complex PC urban development sim. japanese text doesn't help unless you've played the original.

reggie posted a review

A clone of the top-selling PC game, Sim City 2000 won't dominate the marketplace this season, but it's a decent addition to any SNES library.

SC2000 offers you more than the original Sim City for the SNES. As before, you control everything in your city, from building the housing and parks to figuring out how to placate the often-angry citizens—but since you start at the year 2000, you also deal with futuristic issues, like trying to launch your populace into space.

The presentation is uneven. The graphics look okay and the sound effects are fun, but the music is repetitive. The control interface is awkward, especially if you're used to the mouse or keyboard from the computer version. Despite the flaws, if you love sims, you'll be happy to see this game. It's real Sim Fun.


  • Floods cause damage only at sea level. Use the Raise Terrain button to build protective dikes around low-lying areas to take less flood damage.
  • Power plants are crucial. Unless you're in the No Disaster mode, they'll eventually wear out and shut down. Keep track of their life span so you can rebuild as necessary.
reggie posted a review
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