Simpsons The Bart Vs The World

a game by Arc Developments

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

See also: The Simpsons Games

Despite wacky dangers, Barfs round-the-world search for tacky Krusty souveniers is somewhat of a yawn.

This cartoon-style romp across the continents somehow falls flat on the Game Gear. Although there is some clever and challenging game play, the game just isn't as fun as it was on the NES.

The colorful graphics lack depth, and the backgrounds are nonexistent. Tiny sprites make it tough to follow the action, and the Simpsons characters are not well represented. The music is a little too frantic to be enjoyed, and there are no sound effects to speak of.

If you want to enjoy this cart, you'd better be a big fan of the show.


  • For an extra burst of i speed, press Button 2 as you jump across the ramps on the Great Wall.
  • You can't leave the first level until you've seen Maggie on the bottom of the ship.

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