Simpsons The Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

a game by Arc Developments

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

See also: The Simpsons Games

Barts comic-book hero, Radioactive Man, js in trouble, so Bart dons his own super hero duds to save the day. Bartman may be able to save Radioactive Man from a horrible fate, but you may not want t& bother sticking around to find of»t how it ends.

Don't Be a Simp, Son!

This basic side scrolling action game features a typical hop-n-bop design. There's a fair share of blind jumps, and a bunch of Simpsons-esque enemies to keep you on your toes. Bartman Meets Radioactive Man could have been fun, but it's a pain to make progress, get killed and have to return to the start of a level.

Controlling Bart is not easy, and his movement could be crisper. It's hard to make him change directions, and it can be difficult to reach platforms without a running jump.

Art for Bart's Sake

The character graphics aren't too bad. However, the screen virtually stutter-stops before some adversaries appear. This unexpected glitch is pretty annoying.

The average background music and sound effects fit the bill just fine, never overshadowing the action.

A Nuclear Family

Though it's not a toxic waste of time, Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is an average game with handicaps that affect its playability and your enjoyment. Only you can determine if it's a meltdown or not.


  • Plan out your jumps. Scan your surroundings to mak&t sure you're not jumping into limbo and out of a life.
  • Don't waste your shots on just any creature. Be selective in your firing, so you'll have shots when you really need 'em.

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