The Simpsons - Virtual Bart

a game by Acclaim, and Sculptured Software

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Action, Racing, Educational/Kids

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The Simpsons - Virtual Bart

Bart's back with a bang! Virtual Bart has enough variety to make Simpsons fans yell "Cowabunga!" If you don't like the TV show, however, you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

ProTip: As Dino Bart, use your tail swipe to slap down enemies. You'll take minimal damage.

Virtual Variety

Brainiac Martin Prince has invented a Virtual Reality spinning wheel. Bad-boy Bart can't resist, of course, and when he accidentally triggers Martin's machine, he's flung into seven wildly diverse worlds, ranging from the Jurassic setting of Dino Bart to the diaper-dominated Baby Bart. You play as Bart with lots of challenges as you struggle to return to Springfield. You'll race a mini bike, slide through water chutes, and fling tomatoes at Principal Skinner.

As expected, humor fills the game. Bart doesn't merely inhabit each level; he becomes an appropriate creature -- are you ready for Bart the pig and Bart the Bartosaurus? Adding to the fun are Otto, Moe, and other Simpsons nitwits who make cameo appearances.

Best of all is the varied game play. Try a Road Rash-style race near Homie's nuclear power plant, an arcade-style shooting game on school grounds, and several hop-n-bop adventures, including one where Bart becomes a pig bouncing on his tail. Throughout, the sharp controls perform their wide-ranging functions efficiently: You'll swing through the trees as a baby one minute and toss water balloons the next.

TV True

Fun graphics keep the action moving. The game's view changes frequently, so you're never bored: After side-scrolling through Springfield backyards, you watch a behind-the-Bart forward-scrolling desert race. Bart's incarnations and his many sidekicks all have sharp details and movements that'll make you laugh.

The sound effects are terrific. True to the show, the voices perfectly capture the characters' moods, from Baby Bart's joyous "Mama!" to Barney's lip-flapping burps. Peppy music spices up most levels.

Ay, Caramba!

Simpsons fans will love identifying the show's many characters and watching Bart tackle so many challenges, none of which are too difficult. Nonfans may find the game silly, however, and too reliant on the characters' charms. Admittedly, you've seen most of these styles of game play, but not always on one game, and not always with such good humor. Do the Bart, man!

  • You can stand on a few of the branches as Baby Bart.
  • Get the Bart Pig to the levers right away. They have to be activated before you can escape the Pork Factory.

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The Simpsons - Virtual Bart Downloads

Sega Genesis The Simpsons - Virtual Bart download

No way, dude! Bart and Lisa are trapped in a Summer Camp of Evil! Help them escape by picking up flags and battling end bosses!

reggie posted a review

America's favorite cartoon is going to the Super NES. Acclaim uses the superior graphics abilities of the Super NES to bring Bart and the rest of the Simpson family to life. Incredible animation.

reggie posted a review

If you like Bart on TV and you liked him on the SNES this fall, you'll still like him on the Genesis this winter. Humorous adventures await this bad-boy hero.

Simpsons Saga

On the Genesis, Bart gets into the same dilemmas he encountered on the SNES. A science-fair project sends Bart careening into six virtual worlds where he becomes a creature of each world. He transforms into a Bartosaurus fighting through prehistory, a Road Warrior road-rashin' down a bleak futuristic landscape, and a Bart Pig hopping and bopping through a pork factory.

ProTip: Wait for students to cluster together on the path before you hurl tomatoes.

The humorous variations on Bart, different game play (including behind-the-Bart racing and a shooter level), and cameos of Simpsons nitwits all combine to keep the action intriguing and funny.

Steer toward clocks as you navigate down the water slide.

The controls don't ask much of you -- most levels use only one button for jumping and throwing. But on-screen, that one button press translates into effective action, as when Bart accurately slaps his dinosaur tail. Targeting the tomatoes he throws at school takes some practice, though.

Eye Caramba!

Clean, clever graphics generate instant eye appeal. Everything from the way Bart moves, as a baby to the way prehistoric Homer runs closely follows the TV show, and you'll swear you've seen these backgrounds in an episode. The graphics are just about up to the SNES's high standards.

  • Point Bart at the top square when it's lit with a com dog, and he'll get an extra life.
  • You spend most of your time dodging big enemies in the bike-race program, but watch for smaller obstacles and power-ups to appear.

Even better are the sounds. You hear a wide range of Bart-isms, along with noises-and voices from other goofball characters. On the Genesis, the sounds are actually a little richer, and those dinosaur roars would fit right into Jurassic Park. Thematic music effectively drives each level.

  • Send Baby Bart swinging up into the treetops to find helpful items.
  • In the second part of the Dino Bart program, listen for falling rocks. You'll get a split-second warning before they hit.
  • Dino Bart rides the rocks without taking damage.

Don't Have a Cow, Man

Basically the same game as the SNES version, this one gets almost identical ratings. Likewise, its challenge will keep intermediate players busy for a while. Both VBs stand out as the best Bart games yet because of the sheer variety of activities they offer. There's nothin' Krusty here!

reggie posted a review

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