Snake's Revenge

a game by Ultra Soft

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

There's something rotten in Teristan and someone better do something about it. It's Snake time! Snake's Revenge, Ultra's high-powered sequel to Metal Gear, marks the return of Lt. Solid Snake for another thumb-blistering commando adventure.

In the previous episode, Snake defeated the villainous Colonel Vermon CaTaffy and destroyed his awesome robo-tank Metal Gear. But the crazed Colonel escaped, and now he's found asylum with the Higharolla Kocka-mamie (eight-time winner of the Merciless Man of the Year Award). Not only that, CaTaffy's contributed his latest mechanized death weapon, the Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank, to the Higharolla's evil army.

Ready to save the world from Kockamamie terrorists? Read on.

Slithering Down Memory Lane

For the most part, Metal Gear vets will find Snake's Revenge familiar territory. But this game goes a step beyond Gear with some of the most challenging one-player game play around.

As Snake, you must secure weapons, equipment, rations, and eight essential pass cards in order to punch stab, shoot, and blast your way through eight deadly locates.

The 45-degree vertical display is the same as Metal Gear's, but this time you get fast-paced horizontally scrolling action, too. Although the graphics and animation have a familiar lock, you'll find plenty of eye-catching goodies stashed throughout the game.

Your trusty team members -- Jennifer, Nick, and John -- are back, and a transceiver screen keeps you in touch with them. Weapons and Equipment screens enable you to manage your gear. The life line is a critical gauge to watch. If you don't replenish your life with rations, you perish!

ProTip: Don't be a lone wolf. Communicate with your team or you'll never make it.

The Kockamanie World

At game's start, a Stealth chopper drops the team off at a jungle landing zone. Work your way through the underbrush, and implement John's plan to sneak into Fortress Fanatic.

Inside the multi-level fort, search for pass cards and essential equipment. You'll have to defeat a roomful of man-mashing robots to advance to the next level. Have plenty of rations on hand.

Beat the mechanical maulers and you can climb aboard the Battleship. Blow the men down as you make way below decks to the weapons hold to obliterate the ship. Then, your chopper plucks you out of the sea and drops you off at the Enemy Camp. Watch your step! If you make it to the trains, it's all aboard for a murderous ride. Find John; he's got something to show you.

By now, you should have four pass cards: only four more to go and the party's just starting! Next, you take a terror-fitted ride on an elevated tram. Enjoy the scenery, if you can.

The tram takes you to two death-dealing castles. The Higharolla's henchmen are furious that you've made it this far and they double their efforts to turn you into mincemeat. Survive and you face the Higharolla's Ultra-Sheik tank.

Tools of the Trade

To get anywhere in this game, you must master your arsenal.

When you hit the LZ, you're armed with a combat knife, a Beretta pistol, and a powerful punch. Keep your eyes open, and explore every path and secret room to uncover other valuable weapons such as a submachine gun and a shotgun.

The silencer keeps things quiet. Look for it by the truck after you've entered the Fortress and found your way back out again.

Grenades, Claymore mines, explosive plastique, land mines, and remote control missiles will make you a big hit with the bad guys. You'll also need special items such as truth gas, scuba tanks, a mine detector, infrared goggles, and body armor. Whew! It's a bad, but you're gonna need all that gear and more.

Whenever you find supplies such as rations or ammo, stock up. Take the item, exit the screen, and then return immediately. More supplies appear.

Snake in the Brass

Stealth is the key to success. The Kockamamie's forces use searchlights, electronic intruder detectors, remote cameras, bookie traps, and an interminable army of guards to try to ferret you out. Sneak by, if you can. If you're quick, you can overpower several guards before they sound the alarm.

It's critical that you learn to grab extra rations and ammo from the guards. Sneak up on them and punch three times. To hit up the same guard for more supplies, exit the screen and return.

Make a slip and you trip an alarm. Then, the Kockamamies are on you like fleas on a dirty dog! You'll have to wipe out the guards and, probably, take a few hits in order to restore peace and quiet.

True to his name, Snake's fast enough to dodge enemy bullets and tough enough to survive several shots (although his life line shrinks). Remember: He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

This mission is a monster and the fighting's ferocious. Luckily, Snake's Revenge has continued options and a password feature.

When firelights get intense, don't panic. Press Start to pause, or hit Select to pause and swap weapons or recharge your life line with rations.

Snake Wants You

Okay, hotshots, we're talking serious sequel here. Overall, this excellent combat game has it all: finger-busting game-play, brain-draining problems, shocking plot twists, hidden surprises, and several serpentine scenarios.

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