a game by Vic Tokai

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

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Not to be outdone by other companies producing mascot games, Vic Tokai is right up there with their baseball cap-wearing electric duck that runs as fast as lightning! Go through all kinds of levels that present themselves as gigantic threats to your existence. The levels are very large and extremely complex in layout and design, not to mention filled with bad guys that would like nothing more than a nice roast duck dinner! What are you to do!?! Slip past those nasty enemies and take out the final Boss once - and for all!

Socket offers crisp graphics that are very similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, not to mention that the speed is very comparable to that particular title as well! The colors are plentiful and as we have said before, the levels are gigantic and filled with all kinds of hidden surprises!

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  • Act/Adv
  • 7 levels

A new hero has emerged from beyond the realms of time and space. His name is Socket. This charged-up character is fast and ready for action! What Socket must do is charge himself up at the beginning of each level with his electric tail, and run through a variety of intense mazes in search of exits and a tricky boss who hides within these mazes. Be careful, though: the faster Socket runs, the more energy he uses. Power him up by collecting energy bolts, shields, and temporary invincibility. Increase your life count by collecting the 1-Ups throughout the stages. Besides the normal stages, there is a Time Trial option in which you can select from 7 courses and race for the best time. Socket also has a side and upward kick attack that can take out any flying or ground enemy in his way.

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