Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship

a game by Tradewest

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

  • Machine: Nintendo

The magnificent Golden Warpship was once the most powerful vessel in Solar Jetman's galactic fleet. But then the ship was stolen by space pirates, taken apart, and hidden in distant areas of the galaxy. Solar Jetman is the only hope for its recovery.

In Solar Jetman: The Hunt for the Golden Warpship, you play an interplanetary hero on a quest to rebuild the missing spacecraft. Your search for the scattered pieces takes you through 12 alien worlds filled with menacing armies, black holes, booby traps, and strange gravity.

Each time your mothership lands on an alien planet, Solar Jetman emerges in a jetpod. It might take awhile to get the hang of flying the jetpod because it's sensitive to the pull of each planet's gravity, and the gravity varies from planet to planet.

As you explore each new world, you'll find alien booty that's yours for the taking. The jetpod's tractor beam activates automatically when you get close to the loot, but keep an eye out for alien attackers. You have to deactivate the pod's shields to use the tractor beam, and your power is reduced when you have an object in tow.

When you are attacked, the jetpod can fire a stream of bullets at your enemy. By collecting enough alien loot to earn extra points, you can buy more powerful weapons.

You can't leave in the mothership until you collect all the essential items hidden on the planet. These items include a missing piece of the Golden Warpship (one piece is hidden on each planet) and enough fuel to continue your mission.

A distant descendant of the classic arcade hit Asteroids, Solar Jetman is a shooter with a twist. The search for the Golden Warpship adds challenge to the game, and the different gravity fields make handling your ship more difficult than in most shooters. While the main game screens are fairly average, the planet surfaces, warp zones, bonus rounds, and outer space graphics may be sharp enough to impress players who think they've seen everything.

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