Solitaire Poker

a game by Sega

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Puzzles & Words

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What do you when Уои combine Solitaire with Poker-Solitaire Poker of course! And when you team up classic games as timeless as these two you're bound to come up with something unusual.

You begin with a pack of 53 cards (a regular deck plus one Joker) laid out in four vertical rows. Draw cards from these rows, one by one, and place them in the 25 box grid on the right of the screen so that they form vertical, horizontal, and diagonal Poker hands.

When you make a "Set" (a row of five in any direction) you score points based on how good the hand is. You play 15 rounds and clearing a round requires a set number of points.

And to up the Ante there are several different play options with different variations. In the "1P" mode you choose one of three different view options each of which varies the number of cards already face up at the start. Points you need to clear a round depend on how many upturned cards you have. The Try-1 mode gives you one shot at the big-time in a single winner-take-all round of play.

Finally, and best of all, there's a One on One mode that enables two players to link up via a Gear-to-Gear cable for head-to-head play as they compete for points with a time limit. Either way it's double fun. Ante up!


  • Try to hang on to the Joker to score big with a Royal Straight Flush or Five of a Kind!
  • If you only need to score 4-5,000 points to clear the round, it's always safe to build vertical Flushes. They're 1400 points each!

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