Sonic Blastman 2

a game by Taito

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

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An evil space entity called Yafu is out to clobber mankind with an army t of mutant monstrosities. Sonic Blast Man and his cohorts are I out to save the day. If that story line sounds familiar, it's not just because this game's a sequel. Blast Man II is standard stuff, but it's solid fun for beginning players and may intrigue intermediate beat-em-up bruisers.

Mowdown Slowdown

Blast Man's game play is a typical side-scrolling street brawl. Your characters slide- step through the melee without lifting their feet from the ground, which downshifts the j action into a steady, measured walk-through.

The sluggish controls don't liven things up. They generally do their duty, but sometimes you can't stop an enemy attack you can see coming from a mile away.

ProTip: These beefy goons always try to counterpunch you. After you complete an attack, immediately roll away by pressing Away and hitting A.

Yafu's Yahoos

Despite the plodding pace, the relentless, bizarre-looking Yafu crew helps juice the action by pouring across the screen. Their standard punches, headbutts, and kicks put a real hurting on beginners.

You get an imaginative, good-looking offensive repertoire. The punches and jump kicks are standard, but the grab attacks are topnotch. Additionally, awesome screens illuminate the Special Moves. Sonic Blast Man's Special is particularly tough. He unleashes his signature "We're fighting for freedom!" yell and lets loose his 100-megaton sonic ground-pounder blast.

  • In the first-stage office, look for three palm trees in a row. Knock 'em all out at once with a blast (hold down R and hit Y) for a power-up that maxes out your health. Miss one, however, and you'll automatically walk right into them.
  • The bad guys love to shoot down your aerial moves.

Subsonic Sounds

Unfortunately, the B-Man's garbled yell is the sole sound highlight. The desolate effects are limited to uninspired explosions and grunts, as well as weird titters by downed mutants. The music has vigor but little inspiration.

These two bosses are murder! Use bombs and concentrate on the big guy!

At least the graphics add shine to the combat. The character sprites feature excellently weird art. In later stages, some backgrounds are sci-fi serious.

A Retro Rumble

This game hits both ends of the fun-time spectrum. Veteran players will find SBM II too much of the same old thing. But beginners will have a sonic blast, man.

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