Sorcerer's Kingdom

a game by Treco

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Sorcerer's Kingdom

American Sammy/Treco vanished from the U.S. video game scene a while back. They're resurfacing with Sorcerer's Kingdom, a solid role-play adventure for Genesis gamers. This game's strong points include the requisite role-play features (good quests, interesting characters and items, and tereffic magic spells), plus solid graphics and an intermediate level of challenge that'll appeal to a range of role-play starved Genesis.

For quite some time, Genesis RPG fans have been thirsting for a good solid role-play adventure. Sorcerer's Kingdom by Treco isn't the perfect quest, but it will temporarily satisfy the wanderlust of most electronic adventurers.

Kingdom for Sale

Step into the shoes of a young resident of Landale Kingdom. Your father's been missing since he left some time ago on an evil-fighting quest. With permission from the King, you set out in search of your missing padre. During your hunt through seven geographical regions, you get help from three companions you meet along the way.

Sorcerer's Kingdom's one- player, 3/4-overhead-view game play is standard RPG, with a few minor improvements. During your adventure, you and each member of your fighting party can advance to different skill levels (eight possible ranks) by building up experience points in battle and earning new magic spells, 36 spells in all.

During battle, you always get to inflict the first hits on your foes, and you have unlimited time to decide how to slay them. Even better, the fighting takes place in real time, and it never swaps over ; to a separate battle screen. You can move your characters around to give them better strategic positions before and during a conflict.

This game's graphics are good, but not exceptional, and they look similar to other Japanese role-play titles. The towns, villages, and character sprites are larger than average, even during combat, but they are somewhat blocky and cartoony. The mazes are par for the course, and the monsters range from small to quite large.


  • For defensive strength, buy Armor first. Also buy a Luck Ring for every character, but ignore the other rings.
  • Don't buy magic spells. You'll get them as you increase experience.

The sounds will take you for a stroll down memory lane. The game's two lead tunes are taken straight from hit RPGs of the past. A little originality would have been nice. On the upside, the sound effects that accompany most of the magic are fantastic.

Deja Vu

Although there's nothing really original in Sorcerer's Kingdom, it feels good to wander down a familiar path. The battle changes, in particular, make the effort of building up Experience Points less painful. Were it not for the music, this title would get an instant recommendation. Still, all in all, it's a Kingdom most RPG lovers will enjoy conquering.

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  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: June
  • Theme: RPG

The Kingdom is in Peril!

For ages, the Dark Seal has imprisoned the embodiment of evil. However, that seal is beginning to fade, and hideous monsters are beginning to roam freely about the land.

Guess where you fit in? You are the lone brave warrior that is going to achieve what his father did before him, and that is to attain the highest degree of warrior reputation that can be reached! To do that, you must complete intricate quests and defeat monsters in order to be dubbed a higher title by the King of Landale! Great music accompanied by a long plot featuring lots of detail highlight this magnificent cartridge RPG.

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