Space Harrier 32X

a game by Sega, and AM R&D Dept.

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Flying, Shooting Games, 32x

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Peaceful Dragon Land has been invaded once again by abominable alien creatures. You become the mighty Space Harrier a' la the Game Gear to avenge the peaceful denizens of Dragon Land.

Space Harrier's claims to fame have always been its top-notch 3-D graphics, and its non-stop, behind-the-back, forward scrolling shoot-em-up action. Both of these features are faithfully reproduced in this remarkable little Game Gear version.

Digitized voice (including the agonized scream that the Harrier makes when he runs into a tree) add to the realistic effects.

The game has 12 levels of game-play, including bonus rounds. In each level the Space Harrier runs or flies towards the horizon as alien monsters fly at him. The Harrier has to blast them out of the skies or dodge them, always keeping an eye out to avoid running into the odd tree or column.

This Game Gear translation of the popular title works because it hangs on to the formula that has made this game an arcade and now a multi-system classic. As the Space Harrier always says, "Get Ready!"


  • You can tell if you've hit your enemies by listening for the "clink" sound your shots make when they hit home.
  • Most enemy bosses fire first and then move in a predictable pattern on the screen. Dodge their shots and then blast them as many times as you can until they begin to fire again. You can tell how you're doing by watching for the color changes in the boss that indicate you're scoring hits.
  • Your best defense and offense is to rotate in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the screen.

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Space Harrier 32X Downloads

Sega Genesis Space Harrier 32X download

Space Harrier is old news to most players, but this 32X version is one of the best home versions of the game to date.

Don't Get Harried

As the last of the Sentinels of Dragonland, Harri must shoot his way through more than 15 stages of arcade-style action. Space Harrier was one of the first shooters to use a first-person perspective, and the familiar view's back in this version.

No surprises in the gameplay-just dodge obstacles and shoot everything before it shoots or hits you. As in the original, each hit you take counts as a 'Try." Depending on the difficulty setting, you get different numbers of lives and Tries.


  • To battle the dragon at the end of Stage 1, shoot him in the head while you dodge the fire he spits. After he turns red, it takes just one more hit to destroy him.
  • Keep moving constantly so you're harder to hit.

Harrier's controls are straightforward and simple: one button to shoot and the control pad to maneuver. In comparison with 16-bit versions of the game, there's no slowdown or sprite flicker, and the action is quick and precise.

Space Ace

Space Harrier's graphics and sounds are both solid. The graphics are closer to the original arcade game than prior versions. Bright, fluorescent colors and crisp sprites create vivid action. The tunes are unremarkable, but they're a good backdrop for the action.

Space Harrier's an old game, but this latest version is close enough to the arcade classic to make it a nice trip down memory lane for players who love the game. If you've never seen the game before, by all means take this Harrier for a test flight.

Use the stone to defeat many of the bosses. Shoot this two-headed dragon in both heads until it explodes.

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  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: SMS

Sega says that you can get nine continues past the three that are documented in the instruction booklet, but it is extremely hard to accomplish. When the Game Over screen comes up, don't hit either No. 1 or No. 2 but enter the following sequence:


When you hit the last U, if the sequence worked, you'll start up where you lost your last life.

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  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: SMS

Brooklyn Park, Montana's Jamie Mohr says that you can enter the sound-test screen by moving your controller R, L, D then U. Also, if you enter the numbers 7-4-3-7-4-8-1 (hitting the #1 button after each), your on-screen character will change to a jet! Actually, you can vary other parts of the game from this menu also. Strange but true! Thanks, Jamie!

reggie posted a review

This popular Genesis title has been added to the Game Gear library. Blow away the aliens who are coming out at you in this great 3-D shooter.

reggie posted a review
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