Space Invaders

a game by Taito, and Torus Games

Platforms: GameSNESSNESGBA

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

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Space Invaders is a classic arcade video game released in 1978 and manufactured by Taito in Japan. The game was later on licensed for the United States by Midway. The game is one of the first shooters in the history. The target is to defeat waves of aliens with a laser of cannon and to earn as many points as possible by the end of the session. The designer got inspired from Breakout, The War of the World and Star Wars and had to design custom hardware and development tools.

The game is considered a pioneer and helped expand the video game industry from a novelty to a global successful business. Due to its popularity, the game caused a temporary shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan. The total was about 2 billion US dollars by 1982 and by 2007 the game earned over 500 million in profits. The game is ranked by Guinness World Records as the top arcade game ever.

The game was a source of inspiration for several other games and was later on ported on other platforms. The game has been also parodied in multiple TV shows and was part of video game exhibitions.

The game is a 2D fixed shooter game. The player controls a laser cannon with a horizontal movement across the bottom of the screen and fires at descending aliens. The player has to defeat five rows of eleven aliens. For each alien defeated, the player earns a number of points. As more aliens are defeated by the player, their movement and the music become faster. The loop can continue forever, but at some point in time the aliens will become so fast that the player will not be able to continue.

The alien invasion is successful when the aliens reach the bottom of the screen. While the player tries to defeat them, the aliens try to destroy the cannon by firing at it. At some point in time some mystery ships will move across the screen and will offer the player bonus points if he manages to destroy it.

More than 300.000 Space Invaders arcade machines were sold in Japan, and more than 60.000 were sold in the U.S. The price range for a machine was from $2000 to $3000. The game is the best-selling video game and the highest-grossing entertainment product of its time and is most of the time compared with Star Wars, which grossed around $500 million in movie tickets. By 2007 the game brought Taito profit of over 5 million U.S. dollars.


The arcade game was rated by GameSpot users with an average of 8.5, but other variants and releases on different platforms were rated way higher.

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People say:


This is what the Game Boy was made tor! Space Invaders is a great game for bringing back memories. In fact, if you have a Super Game Boy, you can play the arcade version's full screen! While the game doesn't change all that much during the course of the game, newer players can see what we were playing back in the days of yesteryear. No matter what system you play it on, Space Invaders is fun.


For those who are into nostalgic video games, you can't beat Space Invaders. It looks, sounds and plays just like the old arcade stand-up, but there are many new options thrown in to make the game more modern. But why now? This game really should have been released when the Game Boy first came out. Now it seems dated even with the upgrades. If you've always wanted Space Invaders, it's here.


You've got to be kidding me! I can't believe this even came out! But then again, it's one of the few arcade games the Game Boy can actually reproduce. Nostalgia aside, about the only other thing that's appealing about Space Invaders is playing it on the Super Game Boy. At least, you get to play in control. Other than that, there really is nothing left. There's no challenge, and it's just a plain game.


Well, let's face it, this game is just too old to compete with the current standards. Sure it's nostalgic, but as a game itself, it doesn't have the complexity to entertain you. The reproduction is, of course, flawless but there isn't enough to do in the game. This cart does have some value to the older players who actually got into it, but for most it will not have enough to stand up in the fast-paced video game market.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Machine: Games Boy

This blast from the past is still a gas! Use your single-shot can- non to stop the mindless hordes of creepy looking bad guys before they can overrun your planet. Yes, it is kinda mindless, but it's also kinda fun! Take that, space creep!

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: Game Boy.
  • Manufacturer: by Taito. publisher Nintendo.

Before there was Mario, before there was Sonic or Earthworm Jim, there was Asteroids, Defender - and Space Invaders. Those of you who are actually old enough to remember the simple shooter also remember that your main concern was staying alive and keeping alien invaders from landing on the Earth. It was a simple premise - kill or be killed - and when it made its debut in 1978 it was the hottest arcade sensation since the lowly game of pinball.

Now, those relentless creatures are back again in Space Invaders for Game Boy and Super Game Boy, and thankfully, they haven't changed one bit. They're just as mindless as ever and just as addictive as they were in the arcades of yesteryear. Space Invaders not only offers Game Boy players a chance to relive a classic era of video gaming, but it also offers an opportunity to own all four versions of the original Space Invaders arcade machine. Just like Donkey Kong for Game Boy, when Space Invaders is played on a Super Game Boy, your SNES is 'transformed' into a classic arcade machine. The outside screen border assumes the same look of the original machine and you also notice other slight details like the original scoring meters and those great cellophane color overlays.

Ah, those were the days! At any rate, this is one of the world's best games, plus the Super Game Boy version is the exact same version that sold by the truckloads when Taito released it for the Super Famicom in Japan. So show some respect, throw some 70's tunes in the CD player and relive a bygone era of video gaming.

reggie posted a review
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