Spanky's Quest

a game by Natsume

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

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Spanky's Quest
  • Manufacturer: Natsume
  • Machine: GameBoy

Although just released for the Super NES, Natsume did not forget all those faithful GameBoy owners!

Spanky must find his way home through a set of five towers, while destroying enemies with bubbles that he uses to stop his foes.

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  • Manufacturer: Natsume
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Adventures
  • Available: Spring 1992
  • No. of Levels: 50

Spanky's Quest by Natsume stars a little monkey who has lost his way home! Spanky must collect keys to exit the complicated mazes. There are swarms of enemies out to stop him, but Spanky has bubbles that can be powered up four times to destroy the enemy! Spanky can also collect hats that give him special abilities! The addition of 50 levels make sure you won't beat this one in a day! Coming in Spring!

People say:


This game is not hard hitting and it isn't intense, but it does have some addictive play techniques. Spanky is also a game that younger players will be able to get into while giving more advanced gamers plenty to interact with. The overall concept does wear thin after awhile, but all in all Spanky is a nice title.


Although Spanky looks like it is meant for kids (it is) it does require some technique to get through the levels. As such, parents will like this cart also and it's a good game where the whole family can play. Anyway, how can anything endorsed by Archie be bad?


This is a cute game that is definitely geared for a younger crowd. While the graphics aren't anything to shout about, they do look cartoonish, which is cool. While this is a kids' game on the surface, there is a surprising amount of game play. If you liked Mario and Bubble Bobble, this one is for you.


While the Super NES seems like a system only adults and teenagers can enjoy, even children can find a game to suit them nowadays. Spanky's Quest is a family game that any kid (or big kid) can enjoy. It isn't mind-boggling in any respect, but just a good, solid game. The music could use a little variety, though.

reggie posted a review

Spanky's Quest is a story about a mischievous little monkey that needs to find its way home! Only by collecting keys to exit levels can it possibly hope to return home!

In Spanky's Quest, Spanky must pass through 50 levels of mayhem! The mission begins in the Grasslands! These 10 levels should provide you with adequate preparation for what is to come. The enemies are weak and it is pretty straight forward! At the end, you meet up with your first boss, a killer apple!

Stage two takes place in San Francisco. The enemies get a little tougher, but Spanky is a determined little monkey! It must fight past a wide array of new enemies as well! Your next boss is a menacing pineapple out to smash you!

In Stage three, Spanky must locate keys, with a beautiful beach as the backdrop! Watch out when you destroy enemies because more will pop out of cans located on certain levels! The next gruesome boss is a nasty watermelon! It spits seeds and attempts to fall on you!

Spanky's Quest is a nice change of pace from the usual shooting games and one of the few good games for the younger player!

reggie posted a review

In Japan it's the Year of the Monkey and fittingly, Natsume is releasing a Super NES game starring a fuzzy-furred chimp named Spanky. Spanky's Quest is to undo the evil witch Morticia's spell, which has turned his homey jungle into a six-tower obstacle course. Spanky makes friends with a mysterious bubble-creature, which he can bounce up, down, and around the screen. Each time he head-butts it, the ball-thing grows larger. Pop it to unleash baseballs and volleyballs. Spanky's Quest is a bit like Bubble Bobble merged with Super Mario plus some Snow Brothers thrown in for good measure. It's cute and tough to boot. Don't go bananas playing it.

reggie posted a review

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