• Theme: Action/Adventure
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: 1990

Battle On and Become a Spell Caster

At one time labeled the follow-up to Phantasy Star, Spell Caster is a four-meg adventure title that concentrates more on action scenes and Boss encounters that puzzle-solving and role-playing etiquette.

Spell Caster places you in the role of Kane, a martial arts master on a mission of peace. You must overcome dangers and obstacles within several kinds of side-scrolling screens as well as text screens that accompany animated "photos" of your character and the opponents you converse with. Some of these people and creatures provide you with useful information needed to solve the Spell Caster quest, while others will award you specific weapons and magic!

Don't let the title or the hype confuse you into thinking this is an RPG. While it may contain some of the elements found in Phantasy Star, it is definitely not a sequel.

People say:


Spell Caster is Sega's Simon's Quest. It's not a conventional RPG, but it does have some of the best action/adventure features to appear in a Master System game. Full screens of text are also incorporated to move the game along. A good addition to the Sega library!


Spell Caster is a disappointment. The name implies a RPG and it isn't. It definitely is not a Phantasy Star sequel. Except for the pyramid maze, Spell Caster is just a straightforward adventure with great graphics and a long quest. This cart will have to do, however, until Ultima 4.


Your standard scrolling action adventure that has been woefully lacking on the Sega 8-Bit. Spell Caster is a good game that shares the same adventure overtones and action scenes that are found in Strider and Simon's Quest. Not fantastic, but it's nice to see this on the Sega.


A four-meg disappointment. Spell Caster doesn't take advantage of its high power, instead you get an addition/adventure with a quest that's too short and doesn't offer a lot of options. For seasoned players, there's very little action and the Bosses aren't as difficult as they should be.

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  • Type: Adv./RPG
  • Release: 09/30/1989
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Spell Caster is not your typical action/adventure nor your common RPG. Spell Caster blends elements from all of these gaming genres together for a four-meg tour-de-force that may be hard to label, but is never short on play.

You assume the role of a lowly warrior out to prove his good on a quest of utmost importance. To reach your goals you must interact within text screens, side-scrolling action scenes, and do battle with enormous Boss opponents!

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