Spider-Man - Web of Fire 32X

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Platformer, 32x

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Spider-Man - Web of Fire 32X

Spidey comes to the beleaguered 32X, this time with ol' Webhead clearing a laser web from the city skies. Web of Fire is decent side-scrollin', web-slingin', thug-punchin' fun, featuring nimble sprites, lots of crawly moves, and fine graphical details. Spider-Man: Web of Fire won't disappoint Marvel fans, though it doesn't raise Spidey to the pantheon of great video game heroes.

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This game was released 0n 1996. I played the game. It is highly addictive. Web-swing through one place to another and fight your enemies. This is a fun game.

tonmoy posted a review
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