Spot Goes to Hollywood

a game by Virgin

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Educational/Kids

Spot Goes to Hollywood

  • Manufacturer: Virgin Interactive
  • Machine: PlayStation, Saturn, Super NES, Genesis, 32x

With the success of the original Spot game on the 16-bit systems already under its belt, Virgin has moved ahead with the soft-drink mascot into the next generation. Spot Goes To Hollywood will be a multi-platform game showing up on the Saturn, PlayStation, 32X, Genesis and Super NES. In what Virgin promises to be a cinematic wonder, Spot will make his way through several different levels of exotic locations. From what we've seen of this one, the 32-bit consoles are sure to have a great time showing off their graphical powers. We'll have to see how the sixteen-bit consoles fare.

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Spot Goes to Hollywood Downloads

Sega Genesis Spot Goes to Hollywood download

Spot's back in a half-shooter, half-puzzle game that's sure to quench the thirst of young gamers. Unfortunately, it'll leave everyone else hungry for more action.

Spot Heeds a Jolt Cola

Spot explores countless Hollywood movie-done levels trying to rescue enough missing spots to exit each area and continue. Spot doesn't move quickly through the levels, though, and even when you hold the Run button you'll wish the un-cola mascot had some caffeine to speed him up. What's more, the 3/4-overhead view makes it hard to judge where you're walking, so you'll plummet off ledges in no time. It's frustrating.


  • Simultaneously press the Run and Jump buttons to make it across places you can't normally reach.
  • To find hidden areas with missing spots; try to walk into every opening you see, like this fireplace.
  • The bubbles rising from some underwater caverns replenish your air supply.

If Spot hopes to make it in Hollywood, he's going to need some plastic surgery. The original game had ground-breaking animation, but that was years ago, and by today's standards these characters look average at best. Still, there are some cute animations, like when Spot walks by a mirror or wobbles on one foot as he tries regain his balance.

The sound lacks the flavor Genesis owners' desire, and the music hardly satisfies. Spot's shriek of damage is a curious -- and tiresome -- contrast to his enemies' silent deaths.

The Un-Game

Spot Goes to Hollywood isn't a bad game, but it's also not the kind of game that leaves you with a bubbly good feeling.

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