SSX Tricky

a game by Visual Impact

Platform: GBA

Genre: Sports

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If you've been waiting for a truly awesome snowboarding game to come to your GBA then your wait is over. SSX Tricky is here and it does an excellent job of showing off what this system is capable of.

I can honestly say I don't normally like snowboarding games mainly because I'm horrible at them. Being that this version is for the GBA it will naturally be scaled down from the versions on the Xbox or Gamecube. This is to my advantage, though, since you don't have to be as precise and the controls aren't quite as complicated. Don't think this doesn't mean that the game isn't challenging though. There are still tons of tricks to pull off and learning how to do them is where your learning curve comes in. The tricks range from very easy to very difficult so virtually anyone should be able to pick up the game and have a good time with it not long after starting to play.

To get your bearings you may want to start by just running a normal race. No tricks are required (although they can always be pulled off). Just speed down the hill and try to beat the opponents. This is a good way to learn your tracks. You can also play show off mode and strut your stuff. Grind rails, get some massive air and rack up points for each successful stunt. You can earn medals in both modes that unlock more characters and tracks. SSX Tricky has some very nice features, such as the game will automatically save your unlocked characters and tracks as well as save your best times and scores. It also has a visual tutorial that shows you how to pull off each individual trick.

Now for the icing on this delicious cake - the graphics are incredible for a GBA game. Actually the graphics look very similar to a good PS1 game. There's even a pretty cool full motion video sequence when you turn on the game. While this might not sound special, wait until you realize this is happening in the palm of your hand. The animation and scaling are top notch and I think these are what make the game shine the most. The sound is also right up there. Sure there's the energetic music and sound effects you'd expect in a game like this but there's even a little speech and you just don't get much of that in GBA games these days.

To all snowboarding or extreme sports game lovers out there with a GBA: you need this game. This is about as good as it gets on a GBA and if you have even the slightest interest in a game of this type you need to check out SSX Tricky'the graphics and sound will blow you away.

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