Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

a game by THQ

Platform: GBA

Genre: Action

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The force is in all of us, or so the lore goes in the Star Wars universe. Too bad some of that 'good'? stuff couldn't translate over into this game. Actually, that isn't entirely true, while there are several things to compliment this game there are far more negative things to talk about then positive.

As a fairly simple platform game one would expect a bit more fun. The game really seems to bog down on the entertainment factor right out of the gate. Case in point, when playing the side scrolling portions of the game, the characters don't constantly move in one direction. More like, move right, stop, and deal with any number of bad guys that suddenly appear. Once you dispose of them, you then start moving to the right again until another group of baddies show up and you must destroy them. The whole process seems more forced then anything, and the fact that you can memorize the order in which the bad guys come after the first try certainly makes the game unchallenging.

Next, the 3rd person scenarios in which characters fly vehicles are incredibly poor looking. At least in the side scrolling portions of the game, the lines and colors look reasonable for a GBA game, but the vehicle levels are so bad, and the control is so unfriendly that playing any of these levels will more then likely be the last time you play the game.

As far as controls go, again, a fairly lame configuration. The Jedi attacks are bland and very un-Jedi-like. A simple attack is nothing more then a pathetic swing of the bat and the fact that you use the D-pad to execute these attacks rather then one of the A, B buttons seems absolutely absurd.

Now earlier, I said there were a couple of redeeming qualities, and there were, namely the quality slide show that guides the game's story along (which is just like the movie, duh). Surprisingly, there were actual photos of scenes in the movies and quite frankly I was impressed. That's it, nothing else positive.

Do me a favor, don't A) buy B) Play C) Rent this game. It is a sad excuse for a game that belongs in the .99-cent bin.

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