a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

  • Type:Adv.
  • Available: April 1991
  • Difficulty:Avg.

With a blinding flash of light, a shooting star blazes out of the heavens...a bad omen! Mike, the hero, must find his archaeologist uncle to learn of the upcoming disaster. Villagers are on Mike's side all the way, but enemies lurk around every corner of the Star Tropics. Gifted with uncanny island sense and a powerful yo-yo, Mike must defeat the strange creatures and sea monsters to rescue his uncle.

People say:


Somehow, Nintendo managed to create an adventure game out of a boring plot. Star Tropics is nothing more than an amalgam of other quest games! If, as any serious quest gamer has, you have played Ultima or Dragon Warrior, you will quickly become bored with this cart.


It's hard to find a good quest game for the Nintendo. It is easy enough for players of all abilities and the adventure is long and challenging. Somewhat reminiscent of Zelda but better. Adequate graphics and action but not exceptional. Still, it is worth buying just for the long quest.


If you've played Zelda then imagine Link with a Yo Yo and you've basically have Star Tropics. While the quest is a bit challenging the game suffers from the lack of originality and quickly becomes tiring. OK if you're into quest games and have nothing else to play.


At first, I thought I was playing Zelda, then Dragon Warrior, then Crystalis, then Ultima Avatar... What amazes me most about Star Tropics is the lack of any originality whatsoever! This cart has qualities from each of the previously mentioned carts but didn't retain any of the positive traits.

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