Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End

a game by Jaleco

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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The football season is almost at its end, but this Jaleco title should keep the football excitement continuing long after the Super Bowl. Sterling Sharpe has some unique features that stand out from the rest of the football competition. Follow my lead as I introduce you to Sterling Sharpe’s very own game.

As you start the game, Sterling Sharpe takes you through the introduction, showing you the features of the game, such as the plays that you can pick from the play-book and the routes and assignments of the players in that particular play. The plays are taken from the game itself!

Mr. Sharpe will show you the special feature of the Passing System, where you Chi zoom in and out during the passing sequences, allowing players to view the field with more depth and full knowledge of where your receivers are located. As the intros continue, Sterling will comment on all of the teams, giving you info on their strengths and specialties, both on the offensive and defensive lines.

You can select from three playing modes. In End 2 End, play a single exhibition game picking from the real teams of the league. Enter the Playoffs and see if you can make it to the finals. As you get into the playoff games, you can quit whenever you want and still get back in the game where you left off by accessing a password code. Compete in the All-Star Mode and play with the very best players in the league.

After playing a game. Sterling Sharpe will show you your statistics, allowing you to see where your faults and accomplishments lie. The very detailed stats include every yard you gained or lost.

Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End can be accessed by up to five players at one time. You can team up and play together on one side against the computer or you can mix it up in a head-to-head battle with a friend.

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 to 5

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If imitation is the highest form of flattery, EA Sports must be feelin' proud. Jaleco's new End 2 End game was obviously modeled after the Madden series, but this mediocre wannabe is no substitute for the real thing.

Dim Sim

End 2 End simulates football in only the loosest sense. Yes, you play pro-style games with 30 pro teams, running them up and down the field from an overhead view. But these days, most football games, including the Madden games, feature a 16-game regular season. Not End 2 End: You compete in single exhibitions, playoffs, or an all-star game between the league's top players. That missing season will disappoint many football fanatics.

The teams themselves may also disappoint armchair QBs. Among the 30 teams are the two expansion franchises, Carolina and Jacksonville, and for some reason, they're among the most competitive teams in the league. Unfortunately, End 2 End supplies neither the NFL nor NFLPA licenses, which means no actual teams or players.

End 2 End does outdo Madden in one area: play calling. While the play-calling windows are similar to Madden's, End 2 End offers far more plays on offense and defense -- a real advantage for strategy-minded gamers.

ProTip: When setting your audibles, mix in different kinds of passing and running plays.

Sterling Controls

The graphics for End 2 End are like everything else -- average.

  • Because it's next to impossible to break tackles, try to run away from defenders.
  • To defend against the long pass, use the Nickel defense with a 5 Deep Zone.

The players are large but not very detailed, and they move like robots. The nicely colored field provides a decent angle on the action, but it's the same field for every stadium.

Like the graphics, the sound quality fluctuates. The crowd roars sound like radio static, and the only cool effect comes when you demolish an opponent.

The controls are the best part of the game. Players are fast -- too fast for some tastes. They respond to your commands until they get the get the ball, but then you lose the ability to make any moves. And passing? Forget it. Even when your receiver is wide open, you'll have no idea if he'll make the catch. Completions are based more on luck than skill.

If you're going for a two- point conversion, run a sweep from any formation. The CPU loves to bund) up defenders in the middle.

If End 2 End were a first- generation football sim, it might be a decent contender. But in today's competitive market, End 2 End gets knocked aside by more advanced competition.

  • If you're looking at second down and long, try a running play. A sweep is very effective against the computer's pass-minded defense.
  • If you're facing fourth down and short yardage, run a pitch- sweep from the I formation. The computer will usually try to stop you up the middle in short-yardage situations
reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Jaleco for
  • Machine: Super NES

Here's another one of those football simulations that everyone seems to be coming out with these days. This one isn't in the same league as the Madden series; in fact, if this game were a human being on a football team, he'd be guarding the water bucket.

reggie posted a review
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