Street Fighter 2 Turbo

a game by Capcom

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Fighting Games

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The best just keeps getting better! This complete Street Fighter experience finally features many of the techniques and additions players have been begging for. Most note-worthy of these changes is the appearance of a secret character, Akuma! To beat Akuma, you will need full control of the new Super Combos. When your Super Meter is fully charged (by using special attacks), you may unleash a fury of attacks which have the potential to drain half of your opponent's life-gauge! These Super Combos can be used in normal combos for killer results. If you finish an opponent with a Super Combo, you will see a burst of light, along with a special Bonus! Here's a quick list of some new features in this phenomenal upgrade: 1. Hidden Boss, Akuma! 2. Super Combos! 3. Recover from throws with little or no damage! Timing is the key... 4. New attacks for each warrior! 5. New Opening & Select Screen! 6. New ending pictures! 7. Controllable game speed! 8. No bonus rounds! 9. High computer intelligence! 10. New bonuses! What will be left for SFIII?

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For the past couple of months, our faithful readers have been sending in the methods to perform the new boss attacks, so we decided it was time to set the record straight! The code is as follows: L-left, R-right, U-up, D-down, C-charge for two seconds, DL-down left corner, etc.

Balrog, the American boxer, has three power moves, plus a headbutt. The moves are a charging uppercut, a charging hook punch and his awesome turn-around punch. Vega sports a backflip, wall climb slash, wall climb back drop, rolling triple attack and his normal back drop. Sagat wields the Tiger Uppercut, a low tiger ball, a high tiger ball and a throw. M.Bison has his flaming torpedo, head stomp and a flip kick. Watch out for this fearsome foursome in Street Fighter 2!

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The fabulous sequel to the original Street Fighter is on its way to the states! Already out in Japan, and a major hit at that, Capcom will soon have this punch and kick masterpiece over here for us to enjoy. Lots of new moves, weapons, powers and huge bosses to contend with. Spectacular multi-layered backgrounds that only an arcade machine can do!

reggie posted a review
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