Street Fighter II

a game by Capcom

Platforms: XBox 360Sega Master SystemSega Master System

Genre: Fighting Games

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With the growing popularity of fighting games and the undisputed success of the king of the hill, Street Fighter, the anticipation and curiosity surrounding this game is immense. Well, you won't be disappointed! The company that continues to put out superior products (both arcade and home video games) aim to please and they sure do!

Little info is known about this awesome new coin-op. But from the pictures alone, you can get a feel for the quality that Capcom is famous for (remember the transition from SF to SF2). However, it doesn't get by only on its looks - you can be sure the sounds and game play push technology to the limits.

There are four new and amazingly unique fighters and places to fight as well as incredible new moves. We would expect nothing less from the company that retains a level of social conscience by delving into all races, cultures, and religions, to bring us the most unique and authentic fighting characters from around the world.

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The game fans have been clamoring for since the release of the Live Arcade has finally landed! While the Arcade does host a good deal of original content, the true old school gamers have be hoping'. make that praying' for the opportunity to take their old school coin-op classics on line and beat down their buddies. Just like the good old days, Street Fighter II (SF II) brings the goods but only if classic fighting games are what you consider 'goods'.

Like most of the classic coin-op games found on the Arcade or in the various compilations, your enjoyment will be directly tied to your past experiences with the game. In the case of SFII, if you did not play the arcade original or if you were born after the arcade craze, you will most likely not understand what all the hype is about. This game will never be confused with DOA 4 but instead, think of it as the DOA if its time.

If you have made it this far, you clearly have some interest in the game. You will be happy to know the game has been faithfully recreated right back to the arcade roots. All of your favorite fighters are present, along with the high quality backdrops. The special moves are all present and accounted for. Basically, if you are looking to take a trip down memory lane, this will be a fine trip, with a few notable exceptions.

Yes, I mentioned exceptions. Playing these types of games doesn't always translate well to the fancy controllers of today. The 360 controller is no exception. You will find yourself fighting the controls never really finding a comfort zone. Once you manage to work within the limitations of the controller, you will find the second exception. The online play is a bit laggy and unstable. When everything is humming along, the experience is everything you would hope for but when the lag sets in, any fun flies out the window.

If you are a fan of the coin-op, you will still enjoy your trip down memory lane. If you are a newer gamer, you probably will not see what all the hype is about. Look past the exceptions noted above and you will have some fun. I am not sure it is worth the purchase price but then again, I was never a huge fan.

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