Street Fighter 2010

a game by Capcom

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Fighting Games

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Street Fighter 2010

The Final Fight..

The Street Fighter saga, started in the arcades a couple of years ago, continues in a new Nintendo sequel. In this game you are Ken, the greatest street fighter in the world. After a successful world tour, you enrolled in Bargham University. While there, you and your best friend Troy discovered a revolutionary new substance called Cyboplasm. This product had the ability to make a person several times stronger than normal! One day Ken returned to his lab only to find it completely destroyed, the Cyboplasm formula stolen and Troy killed. You now must travel to the frontier lands of the future, retrieve the stolen secret and capture the killer.

In Street Fighter you must travel through 19 levels on 5 different planets in search of the stolen formula. Each level contains numerous enemy and Ken must use his martial arts skills to defeat all who oppose him. After each successful battle Ken obtains a Neutron Pod and this gives him additional energy to use in the next level. Once all of the enemy in the level are beaten a teleport opening is created and Ken has to quickly find the opening and jump into it before it disappears! Each level is several screens wide and high and set in a side-view perspective. Besides the standard kick and punch moves there are flips and summersaults borrowed from Capcom's megaarcade hit Strider. Noteworthy is the ability to grasp and climb vertical surfaces in a manner similar to that used in Ninja Gaiden. The enemies are plentiful and the end of planet bosses are difficult to overcome.

Top Score Tips!!

Always keep moving, or the enemy will track you down. It's also important to learn the play technique and master the fighting and climbing maneuvers.

People say:


FinalFight bears no re-semblence to the recent coin-op introduction, but nevertheless stands out as an outstanding example of good Nintendo play! The game is difficult to learn, but once you get it down 2010 is a great ride!


Capcom's answer to fighting games is here, but it is only for the experts! Final Fight contains all the familiar elements of a good action game, but the techniques that are used are overly complicated and detract from the game.


Final Fight is a great game that plays hard and fast, a quality not found in most of the new NES softs. It has been labeled a sequel to the arcade hit, but it's more of a worthy sequel to Strider mega challenge!


This game is for skilled players because of the complexity of the moves. Capcom's designers have created their answer to GaiDen, complete with intermissions! This may be the ultimate challenge, but hardly the final fight!

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