a game by Velez & Dubail

Platforms: Playstation 2GBA

Genre: Racing

There's no way to be truly fair to this title without explaining what I really, really think about it. In order to do that, I'm going to give you a laundry list, and hope it all sorts out in the end.

Stuntman is your typical driving game with an atypical setting. You're a stuntman, completing a series of stunt missions that end up going into a film. Drive well, and you'll get cash, promotions, and cars. Drive poorly and' well, you'll lose.

To start with, the game is pretty good, at least in graphics and audio. The music is boring and repetitive, but isn't obtrusive. Graphically, its amazing to see how nice these cars look, how realistically the people scatter, and how detailed the structures are. Since each level is themed, you'll also see a good consistency in each movie. It plays interestingly enough, with fairly good control of your car, and some interesting driving choices.

And now, the bad' Anything can flip your car, including a two-inch curb, a box, or your grandmother. It's amazing how realistically these cars handle until they hit something' like an evening breeze. Even though you only need 80% of the total stunts in a mission (higher for the later levels), if you miss just one stunt, you're probably so far behind you'd better start over. Here's my favorite: There are twenty-five levels spread over six different movies. Each requires between five and thirty attempts, some taking up to an hour. What that creates is about two hours of game play, artificially inflated to eight. Throw in a few extra driving games, and you've got another couple hours of game play, at most. All of the missions are difficult, some insanely so, many requiring luck, and nothing else.

Stuntman is a poor rental at best.

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