Super Baseball 2020

Super Baseball 2020

Put away the baseball cards, recycle the sports pages, and trash those Major League score books. Super Baseball 2020 by Tradewest presents robotized, bionic baseball in a fast-pace SNES sports game that dishes out the basics -- pitchin', hittin', and catchin -- and that's all.

Play Robo-Ball!

Super Baseball's setup is simple. You can play in two leagues, each with six teams. In singleplayer games, you take on the computer in a league championship on your way to the World Series. Two players just play a single-game contest. The computer's just average competition, so two-player games are where the action is. Super Baseball's bright, colorful, nicely animated graphics hold their own in any league. The sounds hit about 220. Although the swish of the bat and the thunk of metal connecting with the ball sound good, the incessant techno rock soundtrack belongs in the Minors.

Be a Hitter

The draw in Super Baseball is its high-powered offense. You play with a behind-the-batter perspective. The diamond is familiar, but fair territory is humongous! Foul territory is reduced to a modest piece of turf surrounding the batter's box. To further juice the "O," long balls ricochet wildly off the stands!

ProTip: Swing slightly ahead of the pitch.

Despite the firepower, this is more than just a hitter's game. You can use the directional controls to pull mean sliders and curves. Fielders can make slashing dives and outrageously high, rocket- powered leaps into the air. However, video baseball vets may not like the feet that the computer automatically positions fielders for pop-ups, fly balls, and soft liners. The game's controls put on a workmanlike performance turning them into sure outs.

  • Computer batters have a weak spot. Whether your pitcher is a right-hander or a left-hander, move to the far left Of the mound. Now, pitch at any speed, but press Left or Right to make the ball break slightly across the edge of the plate.
  • If your opponent powers up a batter, be mean and pull an intentional walk.
  • Better practice your base-path technique. Learn to run back to the bag. On defense, practice rundowns.
  • Get a jump on a ricocheting ball. Press the directional pad toward the area where you think the ball will land.

What's the Count?

Super Baseball isn't much for stats. Individual Earned Run Averages and Batting Averages are about all you get. Playing baseball for big bucks takes on an entirely new meaning in this game. Hits for extra bases and outstanding defensive plays pay cash, which you can use to add power to batting strokes or strengthen pitching arms.

The Old Ball Came

Super Baseball 2020 has sci-fi personality, but ultimately it's still a plain old-fashioned ball game. It's to video game baseball what softball is to hardball -- a good game, but the competition is what you make of it.

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Thank you for making 2020 Super Baseball. I have not been able to stop playing since I first brought it home. 2020 Super Baseball is the game sports fans have been waiting their whole lives for. The gameplay and graphics are simply incredible. The true scaling and rotation in 2020 Super Baseball make Nintendo's Mode 7 look like child's play. The graphics and motion make you feel like you are at the ballpark. But graphics presentation is only half the package. Baseball 2020 offers so much more than a "regular" baseball game. The addition of landmines as the game progresses makes a routine fly ball an adventure. The jump zones on the warning track give a new meaning to the term "a leaping catch". Change pitchers, pinch hit, steal, bunt, and construct new players, it is all here. Baseball 2020 also gives you much more. Each player has individual ratings in several categories. You can ricochet hits off of the walls and barriers, make diving catches, and listen to the incredible sound. Too bad Nintendo and Sega, Neo-Geo has proven once again that it is the real deal.

reggie posted a review

Those of you who are familiar with the Neo*Geo know that 2020 Baseball is one of the best baseball games on the market. Now a wonderful translation of this fine game of baseball is heading for the Super NES. Very few elements from the original have been taken out, so this translation is as close as you can get. A few of the voices are missing, but all the sports fun is still here! When there is a special play, the camera zooms in on the animated sequence! To add to the excitement, land mines are placed in the outfield! Your players can be male, female or even a robot! Is 2020 Baseball the future of America's favorite pastime? Who knows? But you can play it now.

reggie posted a review

In the year 2020, and baseball is king in America, as well as in the rest of the world. Sound a little far out? Well, thanks to Electronic Arts, it's not. The NEO∙GEO smash arcade hit, Super Baseball 2020, has been converted to the Genesis and it packs all the excitement of the original.

Cyber Baseball

Super Baseball 2020 is a stadium-rockin' one- or two-player, 3/4 overhead-view baseball game. The basic baseball mechanics are essentially the same as the real thing, but there are major changes in the players, the fields, and the ground rules, which jack up the action considerably. The first noticeable differences are the Robojock lineups. You get 12 teams, which include all-male, all-female, and all-robot squads, as well as some mixed-player teams for balance.

Next, the speed and power of all the players are pumped for premium performance. A Turbo Speed button enables runners to rocket down the line, and lets sluggers bash towering 900-foot home runs!

The field configuration has evolved to make the most of the high-powered offense. Fair territory has expanded to include most of the playing field and most of the stands.


  • Beware of Cracker Land Mines, especially in the late innings of a game.
  • Catch the opposition by surprise by bunting your way on base with a slugger.

Last, but not least, you play for money. Now, before you start thinking some things never change, know that every Hit, Run, and Put Out earns you quick bucks, which you can cash in for power-ups and other game-winning goodies.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears on the Ball

Super Baseball offers smooth-flowing graphics that are colorful and generally well animated, except for some slowdown when multiple players chase a ball. The slick, animated sequences include Strike Outs, Home Run Trots, and rocket-assisted leaping Catches.

The sounds are well above par, even though the technorock music gets repetitious. You can hear the whiff of a swung strike, the crack of bat-on-ball, and the digitized voices of umpires calling strikes and outs.

In a close game with a tying run or a go-ahead run on second base, nail a batter. It may cost you $2000, but it also sets up a double play.

Who's in Control?

As in normal baseball, control is important, and you get nearly total control here. You can check swing, waggle pitched balls on their way to the plate, and steal bases. However, you don't control defensive positioning or outfield play. Most pop-ups to the outfield are automatically caught, requiring no fielding skill on your part anyway. At least this feature works well within the context of the game, and it's a plus for beginners.

  • Striking out a batter earns a quick Grand. However, when you use the 'bots, each pitch bums fuel, so keep your pitch count down.
  • Robots run on fuel, so when your robo-pitcher shows signs of wear, replace 'em.

A Brand Slam

Super Baseball 2020 is a nice diversion from typical, statistics-oriented baseball games.

It offers all the thrills and chills of traditional baseball, with some great new twists and outrageous two-player action. In the year 2020, baseball is super!

reggie posted a review
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