Super Conflict: The Mideast

a game by Vic Tokai

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Strategy/War

Super Conflict: The Mideast

Fans of war simulation games will love the new cart from VIC TOKAI. In this soft you must push back an invading enemy which is attacking from the land, sea and air.

The game is very realistic as it utilizes current weaponry and advanced military strategies. Knowing the basics like guarding your factories and defending your airports will be helpful, but you'll find that planning is necessary in your strategy.

Factories, for example, are important as you will need to replace lost weaponry. Whenever you win a battle you will take production points away from the enemy which you can then use to increase the building of more weapons in your factories. Planes will need to refuel often so saving your airports is critical! You can heal damaged units in the cities and airports. The battles have motion video so you can witness the actual combat take place!

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Super Conflict is war enough for anybody whether you're a video gamer, a board game fan, or a soldier. You call the shots for your ground, naval, and air forces in a Middle East theater of operations that can get very intense. Whether you deploy your infantry against the enemy's best commandos, scramble an F-15 fighter against a Mig-29 Fulcrum, or guide your sub's torpedoes against an approaching cruiser, Super Conflict delivers not only realistic military challenge, but also explosive action sequences.

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