Super Goal! 2

a game by Jaleco

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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Jaleco's Super Goal 2 for the SNES looks and plays like a World Cup contender. This game has it all -- tons of options, colorful graphics, and good control. It's a winner across the board.

Super Soccer

Super Goal 2 is strong in the options department. The game has two playing modes, Exhibition and Tournament. You get to pick from 20 of the world's top soccer countries, including the up-and-coming U.S. squad and the powerful German team that won the last World Cup. Each team has its own set of strengths, with ratings in Speed, Defense, Offense, and Aggressiveness based on the actual teams (Brazil is the fastest team, Germany has the best defense and offense, and Argentina is among the most aggressive; the U.S., as expected, is near the bottom in most categories). Super

Goal 2 also has four fields, each with a different surface that has its own effect on the ball.


  • On offense, the computer loves to center the ball from the wing. Keep an extra defensive player around your goal to deflect any balls in the air.
  • Different players have different abilities. Don't let your fullback take a lot of shots, because he's not going to score much. Your strikers can control the ball in mid-flight, so let them take most of the shots.
  • Know your team's strengths. If you've got a good defensive team, use a formation that has a strong defensive setting.

To take full advantage of these game play variables, you have responsive controls. This game has the most effective headers and bicycle kicks of any of the SNES games. The only complaint about the controls is the confusion that results when you switch defenders. Sometimes you don't get the player you want to control, but this is only a minor flaw.

Super Graphics

The graphics for Super Goal 2 are, in a word, super! The colors show up well on the screen, and the players are detailed. Their movements, especially when executing aerial jumps or headers, are definitely cool to watch.

In contrast, the sound is merely OK. Like most soccer games, this one features one of those mind-numbing soundtracks that become annoying after awhile. Overall, Super Goal 2 is the leading scorer of all the SNES soccer games in this Soccer Madness roundup. It's not the greatest of all time, but for now this one shoots and scores!

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  • Theme: Sports
  • Release: 1994

People say:


Although sports aren't my forte, this cart showed real promise. It was easy to play, and I got a good feeling for my team. It looks very good, though the perspective got me switched around a few times. The play controls are very well done, and this is an improvement over others of its type. If you want a good solid game of soccer, here's a good place to look. It stands out among the other sports games.


One of the nice things about this cart is that even if you don't have any knowledge of soccer you and a buddy can still pick up the controller and have a good time without having to familiarize yourself with all the technical aspects of the game. It's not the best soccer game I've played but it's not the worst either. Decent game play, OK graphics, and cool options make this one a fun cart for anybody to play.


Well, guys, I'll tell you right now. I am not a big fan of sports games and this game, like most of them, just didn't] tickle me the way I like it. The problem I found was that the players on the field were too small (even when they scaled toward you) and l'd lose myself in the crowd. Well, at least the play control was good and there were tons of playing options to configure to the player's preference. Soccer fans should like it.


Hey a soccer game that I actually liked! Although there are better soccer games out there, this scores good marks in the area of playing options, number of teams to choose from, lots of formations and fairly good play control. The only thing that I would like to have seen was bigger players on the field. When the Mode 7 effects kick in, it's easy to lose your sense of where your player is. Not a bad game!

reggie posted a review
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