Super Jeopardy!

a game by Gametek

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Simulation

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Jeopardy has swept the nation, turning dinnertime into trivia time. GameTek has tried many times to capture game show excitement on an NES or a Game Boy game. But they've been working with a handicap. After all, you can't keep anything you win on a NES game, so some of the fun is missing from the start. But with Talking Super Jeopardy, a one to four player game, GameTek has made progress.

ProTip: Write down the password even if you don't win, along with the winning computer player name. You can advance to the next round by entering the password along with the name.

Talking Super Jeopardy talks up a digitized storm. The host says things like, "Let's play Jeopardy", "Correct", and each time you choose an answer, "For 200 points the answer is..." The voice is clear, if unemotional -- definitely one of the better features of the game.

Unfortunately, this game still suffers from problems that plague other GameTek Jeopardy releases. Graphics? No comment. The categories only have five questions, so once you've played a category, you know the answers the next time. You can change the categories by hitting Select before you begin, but eventually ifs no contest. This really limits the fun.

Another drawback is that you have to be a spelling whiz as well as a know-it-all to succeed. Mispell an answer and there's no guarantee the game will allow it, even if it's correct. Super Jeopardy sorely misses the "human" element. Jeopardy fares better when you play with friends, but as a solo game it's only a day's diversion.

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