Super Mario All-Stars

a game by Nintendo

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Platformer

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At first glance, Sunsoft's new character looks more like a Mini Dracula than an adorable new hero. However, once you spend some time with him, Aero the Acro-Bat's as likeable as any plumber, kitty, or rodent.

The Trapeze, Please

This jump-and-search platform game's speckled with secrets and high-flying moves. The entire circus theme is done very well, from the story of the berserk clown Edgar Ektor to the backgrounds and ride attractions.

The game play shoots right out of cannon from the first Act. The action's mainly hop-and-bop, and Aero's able to jump, drill in four directions, and throw Stars. Aero's acrobatics are hard to get the hang of, so you'll occasionally drill up when you want to drill down, and vice versa.

ProTip: The only way you'll stop Edgar's show is to keep ahead of the Laser Beam in the final encounter. Buy yourself some extra time by taking Drill "shortcuts" up platforms, instead of climbing the ladders.

The fun really picks up in the occasional "ride" sequences, such as a slip-slidin' Flume, where Aero splashes down water slides. There are also plenty of small stunts and rides in the platform areas, including a Ferris wheel and a trapeze. Boss encounters and bonus stages round out the package.

You're invincible when you cruise down the tightrope atop the unicycle.

The star of the show is definitely the circus itself. Aside from the bosses, the drab and unimaginative enemies don't play much of a role in the action. You get three continues, but they don't get you very far.

Mode 7 Spotlight

Aero's graphics are crisp and clean, but the smallish sprites are less than you might expect from the SNES. The color palette was retouched from the Genesis version, but not overhauled. The only major difference is a Mode 7 bonus stage.

When you bungee jump, try to snare the keys on your bounce back up. If you go for the keys on your way down, you're spiked.

The music here is also richer than it is in the Genesis version, but those cute circus tunes will eventually get under your skin nonetheless.

  • When you jump to the rotating sun platforms, make sure not to touch the munchers, or you'll be bat snack food!
  • To make the long jumps in the Funpark, Act 2, you must hit Jump the moment you reach the edge of the ramps.

Greatest Show on Earth?

Well, it's not quite. Despite its imperfections, the length and depth of the game still offer prime game play. Aero's worth the price of admission.

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  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Action

A 4-In-1 Super Mario Cart!

For those of you who are not content with Super Mario World for your 16-Bit Super NES, you will soon have your hands full! Here comes Super Mario All-Stars! The three Mario 8-Bit NES games have been upgraded for the Super system! Super Mario Bros. 2 released in the states for NES is really a game called Dream Factory! The real Super Mario Bros. 2 is included in All-Stars and it bears the name of the Lost Levels! Stay tuned for more!

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Super Mario All-Stars is a popular platforming video game developed by Nintendo for its Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game was published in 1993 and contains remakes of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels and Super Mario 3. A later pack released in 1994 included features of Super Mario World, but the version was only released in the North America and Europe. The game was later on re-published for other platforms. At its 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo released the compilation again for Wii, in 2010.

The game does not introduce any new features, but includes most of the ones in the games mentioned earlier. There is, however, an improved 16-bit graphic system and sound, but the gameplay is virtually identical with the other games; only some glitches have been removed.

However, some new physics properties were introduced in Super Mario All-Stars. For example jumping and hitting a block in this original Super Mario game caused the character to continue moving upwards after breaking the block. In the NES version Mario only bounced downwards when hitting a block. One of the most interesting addition is the save option, which allows the players to save the game whenever they want in the middle of their action, which was something new for the Mario series.

This game has been considered a classic because all the previous Mario releases were compiled in the All-Stars version. The game was quite fun to play and is still fun to, though it is old.

The stage of the game is the one already known, with the main character having to pass from a level to another in order to get the flag finish the game. The players can choose Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad to use, and can grab objects, enter secret areas and use special items. One of the special items, called POW, instantly destroys all enemies on the screen, but it’s not something you will be able to use very often. Players can even get the ability to fly through power-ups and, something even more interesting, if a player gets a certain power-up at some point in time, it gets stored in the players’ item storage where it can be used from later.

Everybody knows the Mario series was a hit, but Super Mario All-Stars may just be one of the best. The game was a commercial and financial hit for Nintendo and was given away for free if a customer bough a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, the 25th anniversary release for Wii received more critics than positive feedback and was considered a straight port from the original SNES, without any improvements. IGN rated it with 7 out of 10, while VideoGamer gave it an 8 out of 100.

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One of the greatest and most popular games of all times is Super Mario All-Stars. This 1993 release, developed and published by Nintendo, is a platform game full of hours of fun and adventure that players of any age will enjoy. It is a single or multiplayer 16-megabit cartridge game. Leap and jump your way through various levels as you collect coins, but watch out for objects and obstacles set up to destroy or shrink you. These things are purposely set out to prevent you from reaching the end of each level. This captivating game is compatible with SFC and SNES gaming platforms. It contains enhanced remakes of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Super Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros 3. The alternate versions: Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World are bundled with the Super Nintendo in December 1994, which also included Super Mario World. Super Mario All-Stars is a “Player’s Choice Million Seller” and was extremely successful and popular upon its release.

reggie posted a review
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