Super Nova

a game by Taito

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

There are some excellent elements here (like great weapons, and, at times, astounding graphics), but the one-hit-wonder aspect that tends you back a ways in each level when hit is very aggravating!

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The intergalactic menace "Belser" has been long-defeated. However, he is rising again and is ready to cause trouble. Only a group of well-trained star pilots can defeat him! Take to the stars with this horizontally (and sometimes vertically) scrolling shooter! There are several power-ups to be obtained in your mission to defeat this evil menace!

reggie posted a review

Look familiar? Super Nova contains bits and pieces of Life Force, Gradius, and other classic side- view shoot-em-ups.

ProTip: The mid- and end- level bosses in this game fight in predictable patterns.

In each of Super Nova's levels, you battle in your choice of three spacecraft. Each craft boasts different weaponry.

The game's background graphics are very well done, but the enemies, your weaponry, and even your own spacecraft don't come close to the beauty of a game like Axelay. The special effects are fine, but unremarkable.

Switch on the Turbo, sit back, and steer. It'll save you a few calluses on your fingertips.

Adjustable Challenge makes Super Nova an option for gamers of all levels. All in all, Super Nova's a nice Sunday afternoon outing for fans of this genre, but it's not gonna go down in galactic history.

reggie posted a review
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