Super Volleyball

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Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Sports

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Super Volleyball

You're down two sets to one in the volleyball world championship. The tough Russian squad launches another killer serve. You dive towards the baseline to return the shot. You send a perfect setup to one of your forwards, Tower. He leaps high above the net and smashes the ball right into the Ruskie's faces!

Take It To The Net

Super Volleyball finally yanks volleyball off the beach -- where so many other volleyball games have placed it and brings it indoors in front of a packed house of fanatic fans. You control one of eight international powers in a World Tournament, or design your own team and play any of the other teams in a one-game series. You can even have a friend join in for a little head-to-head action.

ProTip: To block a spike, watch the ball rather than your opponent. The ball always turns pink when it's in position to be spiked. When the ball changes color, leap for the block!

Every player is rated in four skill categories: Serve, Spike, Return, and Block. Spike and Block are very important skills for frontline players. High ratings in Return and Serve are essential for the guys on the back line.

  • The most devastating serve is the Double-Spike. To perform this serve -- a running, leaping, overhand smash -- press I and the right side of the directional controller. Press I again when the ball turns pink.
  • Here's a trick that lets your best server serve the ball every time. When you control any team except a custom made team, press Select before you serve. This will bring up the Member Change screen, enabling you to replace the server with one of your two bench players. If your best server is already in the lineup, send him to the bench, then hit Select again and replace the current server with your best guy.
  • Sugar and Kelly are the best servers for Team USA.

In Yer Face!

A full match is a best-of-five series. Just as in real volleyball, each game is played to 15 points, but you can handicap either team by starting them with points, or start both teams at a set number of points (up to 10) to play a shorter game. Super Volleyball has great graphics and provides you with plenty of control over your players. Every team has eight players -- six on the court and two on the bench in reserve. You determine which players play where on the court -- move your best spiker to the front line, shift your return guy to the back. You control player one who can spike, jump, serve, block, hit or use several moves in combination.

USA, USSR, Holland, and Brazil are the best teams to choose in the World League.

Sugar and Spikes

In the World League, you'll play a seven-game series -- one game against each international team. Normal Game mode is a one-game match against either another international team or a customized team. If you're a sports fan or just looking for a game that lets you smash the ball in your opponent's face, you'll really go for Super Volleyball. Grab a copy and prepare to sweat!

Super Volleyball Downloads

Sega Genesis Super Volleyball download
  • Manufacturer: NEC
  • Machine: TG-16 Video Systems, Genesis

Rhon Manlapaz of Glendale, California, has sent us a way to perform some serves not mentioned in the instruction manual. These can be performed on both versions of the game. Thanks for the great Easter eggs, Rhon.

To perform a lightning serve, press and hold U and II, then press I to toss the ball in the air. Now press and hold D and II, then press I to hit the ball when it turns red.

To serve the ball to the baseline, press and hold L and II, then press I to toss the ball in the air. Now press and hold both R and II, then press I to hit the ball when it turns red. To serve the ball just off the ten-foot line, press and hold L and II, then press I to toss the ball in the air. Continue to hold the buttons down, and then press I again to hit the ball when it turns red.

To perform the same serves (except the lightning serve) as jump serves, press and hold R and II instead of pressing and holding L and II.

To get the super spike, press and hold U, I and II as your player is about to receive the ball. Then press and hold D, I and II as your setter is about to touch the ball. If this is done correctly, the spiker will be glowing when he spikes the ball. The opposing player that is hit will be rendered helpless for a few seconds.

Lynn Felmet of Elemendof AFB, Alaska, also sent in these codes for the Genesis version of Super Volleyball only. The codes are for the U.S.A. team and will lead you to the championship match against Russia. Thanks for the eggs, Lynn.


  1. China - HLXLA
  2. Japan- RLVLK
  3. Italy - RMXRU
  4. France - RUFOR
  5. Holland - RSAAV
  6. Brazil - RQVA2
  7. Russia - RP.VE
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  • Manufacturer: DATA EAST

Pick up on the latest sports craze as you field a team for some gnarly spiking and digging.

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  • Levels: 1
  • Theme: Sports
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Average

The latest version of this old Genesis title will soon be re-released. Use your sets, spikes, bunts, and other moves to trash the other players so that you can take the title.

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Jumping, diving, setting, and spiking their way through the smoke filled haze of a packed auditorium, the world's finest volleyball players push both mind and body to the limit as they vie for the number one position -- world champions. This isn't Olympic commentary -- it's Olympic-style Super Volleyball for the Genesis!

This compelling and realistic side-view game for one a two players comes complete with a generous list of play-options and 16 international teams.

ProTip: Holland and Russia are two of the toughest competitors.

If you prefer, design your own team and assign each player a specialty, such as a powerful serve or spike. Choose between the Watch Mode, a Normal game, or a World League game, the latter being the most difficult.

Don't worry if you're a volleyball novice. Simply head to the option screen and take advantage of the Ball Speed and Handicap features. Use the Handicap feature to start either one or both teams off with a lead (10 points max). The Ball Speed feature (slow, normal, or fast) is a handy option when you need to tone down the action during warm-up.

Serving Up Some Trouble

During a game you have six players on the court (you only actually see five) and two players on the bench. To substitute a stronger player into the game simply press Button C.

You may miss on your first few service attempts, but once you've got the timing down on the toss/swing you can blast killer-serves, such as the Jumping Spike and the Drop Serve -- guaranteed point earners! Don't hit the ball until it turns pink or you'll miss it and lose the serve to your opponents. A net-player will automatically set the ball up for a return play, but you make the return spikes. There are several attacks including the Quick Attack, the Open Attack, and the Back Attack.

  • Mr. Sugar is the strongest server on the U.S.A. team.
  • For Quick Attack receiving hit Button A and Up on the control pad.
  • Don't rush the net when the other team sets the ball for a return play, or while they're serving. If you do and they spike the ball hard, you won't be able to recover quickly enough.
  • Beware of the Dutch team's spike-blocking defense.
  • The Russian team has a very strong line-up of servers.

Discover Your Net Worth

As in real life competitive volleyball, the winning score is set at 15. In order to win a game you must win three of the five Match-Sets. In the Normal setting you can play in single game rounds. Win and you go on to play another team. In the World League you complete seven games and, game-play stats determine the champions. Fortunately in the World League setting you can earn passwords.

Super Volleyball is a highly accurate simulation of top-notch, competitive volleyball, and the action is fast and furious. It would, however, be even better if the Center player moved faster and, also, if the entire court could be seen during service rather than just one side at a time. Overall these are two minor glitches which shouldn't dissuade you from getting your hands on this game -- it's worth it!

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