Swamp Thing

a game by THQ

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

Though the evil Arcane has planted a bomb that destroys Alec Holland's laboratory, the young scientist is far from dead. His bio-restorative formula, mingled with the waters of the swamp combined to change him into the Swamp Thing!

As Swamp Thing, you must confront Arcane, who has exploited your formula. Fight his mutant Un-Men, an army of nightmarish creatures, in level after level of ecological action!

People say:


Swamp Thing fails to deliver on any of the themes it setts out to address. The graphics and animation are substandard, with detail playing a secondary role in the visual departments. Each level leads up to no type of a climax at all. While Swamp thing could have been cool, this effort definitely looks rushed.


Even though the NES is not the most technologically advanced machine, a lot of the newer carts have shown that good games can still be made for this system. This cart doesn't offer anything new and with sound, graphics, control and game play being less than average so is the overall game rating. A disappointment.


Choppy! Choppy! Sob! Sob! Why release an 8-Bit cart that offers nothing in terms of game play, graphics or originality? Licensing of course! Not even the Swamp Thing can save this poor example of 8-Bit technology. Fans of the movie will be very disappointed as will anybody who buys this cart.


The name says it all! This game doesn't belong on the GameBoy, let alone the NES! The graphics are mediocre, and the control is substandard. There are no sound effects worth mentioning, although plenty should be completely reworked. This game doesn't do the Swamp Thing justice.

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The evil Dr. Arcane has hatched a scheme to rule the world. By releasing mutation serum into the atmosphere, he will transform Earth's inhabitants into an army of Un-Men for him to rule.

One thing stands in his way - Swamp Thing, Defender of the Biosphere!

To build his special powers, Swamp Thing must help endangered animals, clean up garbage and help to get rid of nuclear waste polluting Earth's environment.

reggie posted a review

You're the swamp thing and you must rid the land of evil creatures that have taken over. Use your special powers to stop them!

reggie posted a review
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