Swords and Serpents

a game by Acclaim

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Venture downward deeper and deeper into the haunted maze of the terrible Serpent searching for the hidden magical Ruby artifacts. Only when you find all the pieces will you and your three friends be strong enough to take on the Serpent itself! But you are not alone. Hundreds of hideous demons stand between you and your goal. It's 16 long levels of mazes set in a first person perspective. For either 1,2, or 4 players.

People say:


This game is one of the better looking RPGs to appear, with nice animated caricatures that move and attack. The game play, keeps you moving around labyrinths and there's a lot of items to collect, but the game is slow and tough to get into.


First person perspective maze/RPG's are becoming more popular. Acclaim's has several new twists in it to makes it different - a 4 player option, and the overview map which becomes visible as you move through the maze. Decent graphic detail and devious mazes make it interesting.


Interplay does it again. It looks like Acclaim's new developers are coming up with some real winners; Yeah right! S&S is not enjoyable at all. You have no real control of your party and nice graphics and music won't save this Wizadry clone with enhanced features.


An interesting role-player for those who itch to search and destroy! Good graphics and music, but it takes a real commitment to play for a long time. Next time leave me at home!

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