Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project

a game by Ultra Soft

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Fighting Games

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After plowing through two NES adventures, two Game Boy games, and an arcade game, the heroes in a half-shell -- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, need some R and R. And what better place to recuperate than a sunny Florida beach? The Turtles were taking in the sun and sand when they found out (via the tube) that the heinous Shredder had lifted the entire island of Manhattan -- literally! The Shredder pulled Manhattan out of the ground and suspended it hundreds of feet in the air. What will our boys in green do?

If you said "rush to the rescue", you're smarter than you look 'cause that's just what the turtles do! But you can expect this to be one bogus adventure -- Shredder's got plenty of tricks up his teflon-coated sleeves!

On the Road Again

TMNT III is eight levels of action reminiscent of the last TMNT NES adventure. Ninety percent of the game-play is horizontally scrolling -- with an occasional vertical jog. You can play by yourself or with a friend (either cooperatively or competitively) but since there are only three continues, this game is nearly impossible to complete solo. Some Turtle teamwork is recommended if you hope to make it back to the Big Apple with your shells intact.

ProTip: A key to success in TMNT III is mastering the Flying Ninja Kick. You can perform this move two different ways: hit Button A to jump and then hit Button В immediately to do a quick Ninja kick. This is best when there are lots of enemies on either side of you -- you want to execute a few of these fast kicks, bouncing back and forth to avoid being hit The other method is to hit Button A to jump and then pause and use the directional control to jump towards the enemy. When you're in range, hit the В button to execute the kick.

You have to get the Turtles back to New York from Florida, so you're safe until you get within view of the Statue of Liberty -- NOT! This is the Shredder we're talking about! Did you really think he'd let you hop a Greyhound without being a pain in your turtle butt? No way, tortoise toes! From the moment you try to leave the beach, Shredder's homeboys are in your face: foot soldiers, mousers, Rock Steady, Be Bop, Slash, Groundchuck, Dirtbag, Leatherhead, and of course, that alien ugly, Krang.

To beat Rock Steady at the end of Scene One, you'll need a Turtle that swings a big stick -- namely Donatello. Move within a Bo Stick's reach of Rock Steady and hit him, then back off to avoid his kick (his most dangerous weapon). You can continue this pattern, only taking damage from his gun. You should be able to finish him off without dying -- if you can avoid his kicks.

Turbo Turtles

When the going gets tough, the Turtles get tougher! Don, Raph, Leo, and Mike have perfected a few more moves to keep the bad guys on their toes. They still have their patented Flying Ninja Kick (from TMNT II), but now it's easier to use effectively. In TMNT III you can hover slightly or even move horizontally before executing a devastating kick on the Shredder's foot soldiers.

The Turtles can also do a jab-and-toss combo that destroys any foot soldier and damages any other bad guy the flying fungi might hit on his way down. It's especially effective when your Turtle is surrounded.

Defeat Leatherhead by ninja kicking at his head, then bouncing away to avoid his spin-tail attack.

The biggest addition to your arsenal is the Turtle Turbo move. Each Turtle has his own special attack that you can activate by hitting the A and В buttons simultaneously along with a direction. These moves are deadly -- to both the enemies and your Turtles if you do them too often. Every time you perform a turbo move you lose one bar of life until you're down to one bar. When you only have one bar Konami cuts you a break -- you can do the turbo move as often as you like (until you get hit once more -- then you're shell-shocked). Raphael has the best super attack -- his power drill attack turns him into a guided, twirling missile.

  • In Scene Two ride your surfboard along the bottom of the screen to avoid most of the obstacles. Swing your weapon to bat any electric shock ball that gets in your way.
  • To defeat Ground Chuck, the boss at the end of Scene 2, use Donatello and swing your Bo Stick at Chuck, staying just out of his reach. Chuck charges across the screen three times. Jump him, and on the third charge, follow him. He'll run into the wall, and you can take a few free shots at his back.
  • When you're in the Technodrome (Scene 6) on the moving conveyor belt, the moving laser beams come out in a high-low-high-low pattern. So jump every OTHER one.
  • Watch out for falling beach signs!
  • The Turtle most likely to survive with only one life bar left is Raphael. His power drill attack not only defeats the enemies, it propels him out of danger.

Turtle Soup

TMNT III is non-stop, frantic fighting action -- definitely one of the top 8-bit releases for 1992! If you liked the second NES adventure, this game will really wax your shell. We didn't think it was possible, but Konami has actually surpassed the previous Turtle games in graphics and game-play! If there's a negative to this game, it might be the difficulty factor. There's a real lack of Pizza in this game -- and you'll find your Turtles have a constant craving for a double pepperoni with extra cheese in the later levels (and of course, against the end bosses).

Nintendo's do a lot of things that its 16-bit big brothers can, but one thing you can always count on is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventure to push your NES to the max... and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III may just make it blow a fuse!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project Downloads

NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project download
  • Number of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Number of Players: 1 or 2
  • Available: February '92

Turtles fight with honor!

Konami returns to the 8-Bit action/adventure market with a vengeance, packaged as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3! Packed with a variety of new features, TMNT 3 combines several of the proven features of the first two Turtles games, while throwing in new elements as well! Ranging from the Super Spin Kick to body slams, TMNT 3 is packed with awesome game play!

While the Turtles are enjoying a peaceful vacation, celebrating the defeat of the evil Shredder, the awesome foursome are rushed to the scene of a kidnapping! Poor April, the mutant's trusty cohort in crime-fighting, has been whisked away by Shredder and his evil minions! It's up to you to rescue her and get rid of the Foot Clan!


Konami has given the Turtles even more personality than their previous two adventures! By adding a variety of graphics, not only the enemies, but the Turtles themselves, must endure a variety of animated dangers-each rendered in comedic detail! The Turtles must avoid being electrocuted, torched, smashed, pummeled and shell-shocked. Death isn't the only thing that brings out the best in the Turtles. Leave the controller idle for a few moments and the boredom starts to show!

Like TMNT 2, you can choose from one of the four Turtles at the beginning of the game. Each Turtle has different strengths and weaknesses. Leonardo has twin swords and is well balanced in all areas. Raphael is armed with sais and the fastest of the bunch. Michelangelo comes equipped with nunchakus and is tough and fast, while Donatello is the strongest but suffers from being a bit slower than his compatriots!

Stage 1

Get ready to kick some major ninja butt. This level is packed with a number of pesky Foot Clan soldiers ready to do you in. Your first battle in this game will take place on the beaches of Key West. After you fight your way past the sandy beaches, you'll move on to the piers where Rocksteady is waiting! He might know where to find April and the Shredder! The best way to defeat the enemies here is to use your weapon to knock them off the pier and into the water because, for some reason, the Foot Clan has never learned how to swim! Watch out for billboards on the piers, the Foot Clan will try to squash you by pushing them over. Rocksteady is very powerful but is defenseless against your jumpkicks - exploit this weakness every chance you get!

Turtle Power!

The Turtles have been hard at work training in the martial arts since their last encounter with Shredder. Fortunately, they've picked up several new moves that will come in handy when dealing with Shredder's henchmen! Team up in two-player mode for even more damage!

Hang ten!

Get those surf boards out and get ready to catch some major waves. Structured in somewhat the same manner as the skateboarding sequence from TMNT 2, this level is fast-paced and requires toned reflexes. Enemies will attack from front and back, so don't be surprised if you have to use a jumpkick or two. Halfway through this level a huge submarine surfaces to reveal even more deadly dangers! Watch out for flames and surprise attacks from the Foot Clan when you walk across the Submarine and be sure to take the thugs out as soon as they appear! No time for a pizza break here boy, so get kickin'!

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