Tempo Jr

a game by Sims Co., Ltd.

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

Tempo Jr., Sega's latest side-scrolling hero, first made his debut on the new 32X. Now for all you portable buffs out there (you know who you are), he's coming to the Game Gear from Sega Club! First off, I'd like to say that Sega has really taken a 32-Bit game and shrunken it down to fit it into an 8-Bit portable system. The character animations are almost identical to that of its big brothers and so is the overall game play. If you're a G.G. owner, take time out to give Tempo Jr. a try.

Given that the Bit and Meg differences between the two are astronomical, the G.G version holds its own with great character animation and game play. Check it out for yourself!

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