Tetris & Dr. Mario

a game by Nintendo

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Strategy/War

See also: Tetris Games, Mario games

If you don't already own these classics, this combination game is unbeatable.

The landmark Tetris returns, as addicting as ever. This version includes solo play and three CPU opponents.

Dr. Mario varies the Tetris theme. You match capsules to eliminate them before they fill the screen. In addition to playing the two-player game, you can challenge the CPU.

In the excellent Mixed Match mode, two players race to outscore each other in both Tetris and Dr. Mario.

Enhanced graphics and sounds for the SNES, though nice, aren't key factors here. Sharp controls and absorbing action are what make these two classics even better as a pair than they were alone.

ProTip: Never let the pieces stack up in the middle of the screen. Stack spare pieces on the sides.

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