The Blues Brothers

a game by Titus

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

  • Manufacturer: Titus
  • Machine: NES
  • Theme: Action
  • Available: 1992
  • No. of Levels: 6

Jake and Elwood are back! The Blues Brothers have six "missions from God" to complete before they get busted by the police! In the various stages you must complete smaller tasks like unmasking a shark in a shopping mall! You can collect power ups and receive your health back at various points in the game. For more excitement you can even have a two player simultaneous adventure!

People say:


Don't go looking for much in the way of a connection between this game and the characters that inspired the Blues Brothers movie. You've got a pretty standard action title with caricatures of the leading men swaggering through one dangerous action sequence after another. Not much new here, but executed well.


An interesting choice for a game. It has a title that is recognizable and Ocean backs it up with a game that plays quite well. It is a bit too easy for my tastes, but it should do quite nicely for the average player. It's nothing spectacular, just a good solid game that delivers enough enjoyment to get you your money's worth.


The Blues Brothers was a great movie, but the video game just does not cut it. Where is the music? Where are the personalities of the characters? What does this game have to do with the movie in any way? Beyond that, though, The Blues Brothers is kind of fun. It's pretty simple, but the game play is there.


The Blues Brothers is a movie I dearly hoped would be translated into an awesome video game, but the 8-bit king just doesn't do it any justice. Instead of vibrant colors, jammin' jazz soundtracks, and a solid control interface, I'm left with a game that strikes me as average in every way. I think the NES is beginning to crumble.

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They sent the police into a panic! They whipped the crowds into a frenzy! They redefined the cool sound of blues music! Now, they are ready to do it again! Enter...the ever popular Jake and Elwood as the Blues Brothers!

Based on the hit movie, you can play the menacing duo in a one or two player cooperative task of reaching the stage to make their gig ("a mission from god")! The cops are everywhere, and you need to jump and run through the city to keep one step ahead of them. Rawhide!

reggie posted a review

Blues Bros., Jake and Elwood, rocked and rolled their way to a box office smash in "The Blues Brothers". Unfortunately, Titus NES cart isn't quite up to the swingin' standards set by John Belushi and Dan Akyroyd.

You must guide Jake and Elwood through five side-view, multi-directional scrolling stages to reach the performance on time. The brothers can journey together in a two-player mode and flip-flop the screen view back and forth between them. Howerer, this means one character often disappears off the screen-a major pain.

ProTip: Climb this tree and follow Level 1's cloud path to the exit.

BB's levels contain little story complexity and are, for the most part, unrelated to the movie. J & E attempt to survive until they reach the exit of each stage. They must avoid being mashed by snakes, blobs, birds, blobs, cops, and more blobs. Where's the orphanage in need of rescue? Or the jilted girlfriend? Or the gig at the country bar?

If Blues' game play had been well designed, the lack of film tie-ins could have been excused. Sadly, this is not the case. Jake and Elwood are haphazard to control at best. With only 2 continues, this cart's way too difficult for most gamers and there are too few items, secrets, character moves and power-ups.

Blues Brothers' big plus is it's music. You get toe-tap-ping, 8-bit sounds, but there aren't a ton of tracks. The graphics are crisp and fairly colorful, too. However, this cart's action doesn't win any laurels. If you're still up for these brothers, try a precautionary rental or you might end up singing the video game blues.

Ride the bulldog to safety in Level2.

reggie posted a review

The Blues Brothers is a 2D game, based on playing using jumping skill of game character. Also you can use some of the level objects, such as boxes, throwing them at enemies, or using for proceeding the level. Avoiding attacks from the enemies, you need to walk to the end of the level and achieve the guitar. The game have 5 levels, which you must complete.

The story is about two guys, Jake and Elwood Blues, who wants to play a concert in town. Sheriff McGraw is acting against it, sabotaging the show. Therefore, the brothers must make the concert at any price. When you start the game you may choose which of the brothers youÂ’ll be playing. You can play 2 players at the same time.

The chapters of the game: 1. Stairway to Heaven 2. Wear-house 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. Underworld 5. Demolition Experts

reggie posted a review
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