The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

a game by Seika

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Arcade Classics

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The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

Once again, Bugs Bunny hops from Looney Tunes to the Crazy Castle. In Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle II, Bugs is out to save Honey Bunny, his long time love, who's been kidnapped by the Wicked Witch and whisked away to her castle.

Just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, there's nothing complex about this action puzzler. The Witch's castle is full of mazes, which are full of obstacles and "wascally" ‘toon enemies. While evading or fighting these guys, you must find eight keys hidden on each level and then find the door they open to move on to another level.

It sounds easy and for the most part it is, except that there are 28 levels! At least you get a simple four-letter password after completing a level.

Looney Tune All-Stars

The graphics are nothing special although all of your Warner Bros. favorites make an appearance. You see the entire level onscreen in a side view. You'll recognize Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Yosemite Sam, and Sylvester the Cat instantly. Don't let these familiar faces fool you, though. They're all out to get you!

The simple sounds should have "taken a left an Albuquerque". They aren't up to par with the rest of the game.


  • If you're having trouble with a level, try punching in simple household-type words such as "GAME" or "SHIR"

  • If a certain villain consistently bugs Bugs, use this trick to evade him. Wait until he enters a staircase or a pipe, and then enter that staircase or pipe from the opposite end. You'll pass right by him without being harmed.

Rabbit Aids

Nobody can get himself out of a jam like Bugs, but this time he needs a few tools to save the day. The handiest item is the Bopper which shatters blocks. Other items include bombs, an invincible potion, a pickaxe to help you climb over unbreakable blocks, safes, crates, and 10-ton weights to shove onto your adversaries. Though they're sometimes out in plain view, these items are usually stashed behind doors.

Some rooms are empty. To turn nothing into something, use the doorway as a way to freeze enemies for a few seconds. Simply enter a room, turn around, walk back out again, and the enemies will be frozen.

What's Up, Doc

We all know no one can out for the Wascally Wabbit. Maybe that's why you don't have to strain many of your own strategy and action skills to rescue Honey Bunny. Although it may be a bit on the easy side for experts, it's a great game for youngsters at beginning to intermediate skill levels, especially considering the characters involved. And th... th... th... that's all, folks!

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