The Incredibles

a game by Helixe

Platform: GBA

Genre: Action

The Incredibles, like most movie knock-offs, is an easily forgettable cut-and-past action game that does little to change the genre or entice you to play it.

The game loosely follows the plot of the Pixar movie, starting with you as Mr. Incredible, pre-family and pre-lawsuit. The game progresses through the plot throwing bad guy after bad guy at you and systematically switching who you are controlling. But for the most part there's nothing really interesting here.

You have super strength as Mr. Incredible, you have ice as Frozone and so on and so forth. The game's milling bad guys only have a chance of beating you with sheer numbers, because rocket scientists they ain't. I found the most annoying elements of the game were the bad guys you couldn't just run up to and blast away at until they dropped. Instead of making these trickier bad guys smarter they just made them tougher. So, for instance, to beat the buzzsaw robots, you have to patiently wait until they stop sawing and then run up to them and pop them a few times. This requires neither skill nor timing. In fact the only thing it does require is patience, something I don't have a lot of for games that waste my time with blasA© characters, generic bad guys and gameplay that is humdrum at best. To top it off, this collection of the mundane actually requires you to memorize codes instead of bothering to do built in saves. How obnoxious is that?

In a holiday season chock-full of top of the line winners, this game should have been embarrassed to even rear its ugly head. Give it a pass and tell at least two friends to do the same, if you don't want them hating you come December.

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